Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Not the December I was hoping for (Major Picture Heavy)

Yes you read that right, this December has not been at all what I had planned or envisioned. Truly, it's so disappointing to me because December is literally my favorite month of the year! I've not been to the mall one single time to do any shopping, we haven't made cookies or gingerbread houses or anything of that sort and I've been pretty much stressed to the max. I'm totally hating to see the month go because I won't get another shot at it for another year but I've definitely not had a December to remember!

Here is what has been going on around here this month. As you know we had our trip to NYC where I got food poisoning. From the point on I just haven't been able to get back on track. I'm a list person. I like a schedule, I like plans, etc. I haven't managed to hold it together at all this month. Instead it's December 24th at 12:30 am and I'm heading out to Walmart in about an hour to buy groceries for dinner and presents for my family. Yes, I've been that bad this year.

I left off on December 14th on my blogging so I'm just gonna try to play a little catch up for you today!

* We had our Ladies Auxillary Christmas Party at Church. This was my very first year attending and it was so much fun! We had many women show up, we ate, we laughed till we cried, we sported tacky sweaters, we read the "Christmas Story" from the bible and we had a super fun gift exchange. I'm so thankful for this group of women. It was a very blessed night.

* I had a Policy Meeting at our Lodge for Headstart but I totally bailed out on it. I just wasn't feeling it that day. I missed the craft but oh well.

* We had our Ladies Group Christmas Party which was a success. We ended up collecting several gifts for each child we sponsored this year along with a whole bag of food! We had our Cookie Swap which was tons of fun and we all went home with extra cookies. We also made the cutest snowman crafts ever! There just so happened to be a Bee Keeping Meeting going on and they came out and showed the kids the bee's. I don't know who was more amazed, them or me! We also had our Christmas Sock Exchange which was a BLAST!!!! Cute socks and little goodies, can't go wrong with that.

* Axle's Class did a cookie swap too so this mommy was busy making 2 dozen cookies for his class. We opted to make Funfetti and Red Velvet Cake Mix Cookies. They turned out really good. Axle loved the cookies. I thought he would be more impressed with the swap than he was though. He really didn't seem to enjoy it all that much.

* Axle also had Santa Hat Day at school. He wanted to participate which I was tickled to death about. Lee of course that she needed a Santa hat too so out the door they went looking like this. Talking about making Mommy Smile!

* The same day Ax was having hat day, Anika was having Christmas Sweater Day. I swear the child is so stylish!

* My Uncle Bob came home for a one day visit from India. The kids and I went to Mom's and saw him. It was so good seeing him. It had been 2 years since I got to spend time with him. We all miss him so much. Mom fixed dinner, hotdogs which is Bob's favorite. He swears you can't get a good hotdog overseas. He eats like 8 at one sitting, it's so funny! The kids didn't remember him but took very well to him. It was a nice evening of catching up.

* I had a Policy Meeting for the Headstart in our hometown that I did attend. Let me just tell you, I left in tears and seriously thought about resigning. I made a suggestion that apparently the Director didn't like. He screamed at me, insulted me and pretty much treated me like a dog. I was so angry and upset. Those meetings are supposed to be parent run and he had no business even giving his opinion. Actually the fact that he did is against regulations. After I left I guess he still tried to convince the parent's not to vote in favor of the new policy however he was unsuccessful. The policy passed by majority vote. I guess I won anyway. The policy had to do with how we screen our employees. I think that is quite important since they are working with kids. Anyway, to make a long story short, he will NOT be getting my resignation because I won't let him win. That is what he wants. He doesn't like people to make suggestions or feel like he isn't running the show. Unfortunately, I don't like people who misuse their power therefore he and I will probably but heads more than once in the next two years....yep, should be interesting!

* Ax fell sick on me on the night of the 16th. He started getting hoarse and said his throat hurt. He had to miss school on Polar Express Day which made me sad but he just wasn't able to go. 

* Lee had her Headstart Christmas Party and while I enjoyed it, she could've cared less. She does so much better at school when I'm NOT there. When I"m there she hangs to me and won't speak to anyone. Her teacher had the kids all kinds of yummy goodies and then they got ice cream sundaes! Santa came but of course Lee didn't want anything to do with him! He brought them all really nice gifts though. Lee got a new table and chairs set that she loves to pieces! That program is so wonderful!

* We celebrated my Dad's Birthday at my Mom's house! She fixed Cabbage Rolls for dinner and we had Birthday Cake. My Uncle and Aunt came up to celebrate with us. Dad had a good night I think. He was tired, this new job is VERY hard on him. I wish I would've taken photos but I left my phone home :( 

* Ax was still sick on the day of his Christmas play and party so he didn't get to go. I was seriously heartbroken because I knew he would have loved it.

* I delivered our Service Project Items to the family that we sponsored and they were so thankful. I'm so hopeful this will make them have a merrier Christmas this year.

* Our Church was supposed to go Christmas Caroling but the event was cancelled. I was bummed out friends! I was so looking forward to it. Unfortunately the lady that drives our Church bus had a family Emergency. Her Sister was put in ICU. Maybe we will get to do it next year!

* I ended up taking Axle to the doctor on the 17th. The doctor we go to is a bandaid doctor or that is what I call him. He is fine for common colds and stuff. He checked Ax out and said that he most likely had strepth. He gave him antibiotics. Unfortunately, I too had strepth and was treated. This was my second sickness of the month :(

* On the 19th we had our Family Christmas at my Aunts house. I'm telling you, I didn't know if Ax or I either one would be able to make it but we did. We had so much fun. It was a pajama party which was fine by me since I was sick anyway. Our family is CRAZY so they ended up with so many cute looks! We had an abundance of finger foods, we played games, opened presents and spent the evening socializing. I'm so glad we were able to go. I wouldn't have wanted to miss it for the world!!!!

* On Sunday we all went to Church, even the Husband. Anika was in the Church play and I was so proud. The kids did great, all of them! We had an amazing pastor and just an all around amazing service. Nothing beats getting filled up by the holy spirit on Sunday's.

* Monday the 21st was Anika's Birthday. Ax seemed to be getting worse than better. I literally almost didn't get him to go to her Birthday Party so you know he was sick. We gave her our gift from us early that morning. She got a gift certificate for a tattoo. I know, bad parenting but she is now 17 years old! That is unbelievable to me. We celebrated that evening at my Mom's house with a party for her. I think she had a great day. She even told me that night that this was the first year in a long time that she hadn't been depressed on her birthday, PRAISE GOD!!!!!! Oh and she got a promise ring from the boyfriend so that made her a happy gal ;)

* On Tuesday I ended up taking Axle back to the Doctor. He gave us another antibiotic as well as gave me a shot for a sinus infection. Poor Ax was just feeling pitiful. He couldn't even sit up to watch You Tube or anything. Actually, he laid around all day long. Tuesday night he got worse and his fever went to 104 so around 4:00 am Wednesday morning, I headed out with him to the Emergency Room. Anika went with me while SJ stayed at home. They checked him for mono, strepth, the flu, done a chest x-ray and blood work. All his tests came back okay except his white count which was 2200 and way to high. The doctor said it could be a viral infection, gave him a shot and some new antibiotics and sent him home. We didn't get home until about 8:00 am yesterday morning.

* My Wednesday was spent lounging around and sleeping. I was absolutely exhausted. Axle seemed to feel some better yesterday. He did get up and move around some plus he ate several popsicles. His fever is still up and down, controlled by Motrin and Tylenoyl every 2 hours. I'm praying he wakes up at least 1/2 way well today. Anika and SJ spent their Wednesday at the Tattoo Shop. Anika has new ink!

* It's now Thursday (Christmas EVE) and it's 1:34 in the morning! I'm waiting on the bad storms to pass so I can head out shopping. I have a ton of shopping to finish today. Anika and my friend Rebekah are going to brave the trip with me. After shopping I'll come home, wrap gifts, clean up the house, cook and then we will celebrate at my Mom's tonight! I'm going to be one tired lady. I literally cannot believe I'm still shopping on Christmas Eve! It's been a wild and crazy December with all the sickness for sure!

* Other than the above, all I've done is entered a few sweepstakes. Here's the December wins I've received so far!

Christopher Banks Vest

Free Food Coupons!

Cozy Snowsuit for my Niece Willow

Well friends- I think I got you all caught up. Let's get to celebrating Christmas now. I love you all dearly and hope you have an amazing Christmas! I'm hoping after this week things will settle down and I'll be able to blog again! Keeping my fingers crossed anyway. If you don't care send up a prayer for my sick boy.

I'll be back after Christmas with an update

Until Then 



  1. Merry Christmas Angie. I hope Axle is better soon and that you all have a lovely time.

  2. I was getting worried about you and if I didn't hear from you today was going to email you. I am so sorry all that sickness has hit your household. But I am hoping and praying that the new year brings a round of health your way. You have kept yourself busy as usual. I don't know how you do it all.

    Don't feel bad about the shopping. I am here at work until 2 p.m. and then I have to go do my shopping, wrap everything (nothing is wrapped yet), finish baking cookies and wrapping them, and get myself to church by 6:00 p.m. Do I have a tree up? Do you think I do? No way. Nothing is done. Almost no decorations. I don't know where December went. But I am hoping that with the new year and my new life (retirement) I will be getting myself back on track with keeping the house clean and actually doing some decorating, baking and fun things.

    Merry Christmas Angie and family. I will be in touch with you really soon. Lots of love to you.