Tuesday, December 8, 2015

I Survived New York City, BARELY

Well I left for New York on Friday and returned home Sunday. Bet you thought you'd hear from me before now didn't you? Yea, I thought so too but I've been recovering. Let me just tell you a little about New York City.

We left on Friday evening on a bus trip. It was the longest most uncomfortable trip I've ever taken. The bus was NOT what I expected. The seats reclined just a smudge, there was no leg room and we were two to a seat. We did stop every two hours but oh my was it a long two hours in between. They played one movie and then the lights went out and it was silence the rest of the night. I might have slept two hours total because the pain my legs, back and butt were in made it impossible to sleep. Uncomfortable doesn't even begin to explain how I felt. On the bright side, I did see the sun come up! It might have been my first ever sunrise since I like to sleep!!!

When we FINALLY got there, I was excited. The first place we saw was this. We didn't stop because we wanted to end our trip there. Unfortunately that didn't happen so all I've got of the place is this photo!

We had a GOOD day. We started off in Time Square and I was absolutely amazed. I felt like I had literally been set down into another world. It was a surreal experience!

We decided VERY quickly that a hop on hop off bus tour was the only way for us to go so we forked over the cash and loaded the bus. Let me just say this, they ripped us off majorly but I'll not go into that! Our 24 hour tour actually only ended up being about 8 hours! We did see some nice sights along the way though! Would I recommend it to anyone else, I'm not sure.

One of the things on our To See list was China Town and we did. While I would never return, I don't regret the experience one bit. It was so different than anywhere I'd ever been. We had breakfast at Starbucks there and it reaffirmed why I hate Starbucks! We shopped some and I found the people to be very pushy. I did love seeing all the outdoor markets though, I thought that was quite neat. We browsed for quite awhile.

Our second stop was Little Italy. We actually walked there from China Town. The girls insisted we have New York Pizza. We ate at a nice little place that I don't recall the name of. The prices were a big high but the pizza was really good. Anika wasn't as impressed with it as I was but I really enjoyed it.

After lunch we decided to try out the Subway. Can I just tell you it was the most confusing thing I ever tried to do. We did it though, just not correctly. While I imagined the Subway area to be much scarier, it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought. The subway ride itself was quite an adventure. We thought we did good, it took us directly to the Brooklyn Bridge right where we wanted to be. 

The Brooklyn Bridge was breathtaking. I was in awe but I love bridges. We decided it was perfect weather to walk it and so we did. Someone should have told us it was a REALLY long walk. We also thought we could see the Statue of Liberty from it and we could if we squinted really hard. It was pretty far out into the distance!!!! I'd definitely recommend anyone to do it though. Anika purchased a lock before we got on the bridge and put her and Cody's name on it. It's now locked to the Bridge. Isn't that awesome? Just make sure if you walk the bridge you make sure your walking the correct way. We thought the Subway had taken us to Brooklyn and we would walk back to the Manhatten side where we could catch our Hop on Hop off Bus. Wrong!!!! We walked to the Brooklyn side which meant we had to figure out the whole Subway ordeal again.

We lost lots of time on the Subway. Apparently you need training to figure that thing out. We did eventually make it back to the Manhatten side again though. I'm not sure what neighborhood we were in at that point but we found some cute shops and went shopping! Anika got a new coat, I got a cardigan and then we got some items to bring home to the family!

Finally we got back on our bus and headed back down towards Time Square. Little did we know the bus put us off at dark. Yes, this is where they ripped us off. They sold us a 24 hour pass but NOT a night tour. We were on foot from this point. We were starved for dinner so we chose a whole in the wall deli type place. The food was nasty!!! I ate a bite or two and that was about it. Bad choice on our part. 

We headed out to see the Tree at Rockafellar Center because we didn't want to leave without doing that. Oh my word, it is beautiful and a MUST SEE!!!!! There was also an absolutely amazing show of lights on a building across the road. To me it was just as beautiful. The crowd in that area was unreal though and people were shoulder to shoulder. As we worked our way back down the streets we stopped into a beautiful Christmas Store (might have been my favorite place), saw amazing window displays and even let Anika go shopping in a New York Book Store which she has always wanted to do!

We were eager to hit up a few other places but Carlos Bakery was on the other gal's bucketlist so we wanted to go there first. As we were walking that direction, I started feeling ill. We stopped in a Rite Aid to see if there was any nausea medications which there wasn't. I suggested that my friend and her daughter go on and Sis and I would go to a little cafe and got a Sprite. We would text later and meet back up. BAD IDEA my friends!!!!

Sis and I did go to the little cafe. I walked down to the restroom and bam, I was down. I have NO IDEA what happened to me but let's just say the last 4 hours of my trip included us getting kicked out of the bathroom of the cafe, Me and Sis on the streets with homeless people, Me with no shoes, no socks on the ground laying in vomit, They NYPD coming and calling an Ambulance, Our Tour Bus Driver and my Friend frantically searching New York trying to locate us, Me on the phone with my mother crying and my husband getting a shower to come to New York.

Nope not even kidding. I don't know if it was food poisoning or what but I threw up and used the bathroom multiple times in the span of the two hours I was on the street. The bus driver and my friend finally found me, got me cleaned up and in a cab to the bus. The bus was almost 2 hours late leaving the city waiting on me. The 11 hour ride home was with me vomiting and using the restroom every 5 minutes even after a Zofran. 

I was NEVER so glad to get home on Sunday in my entire life!!!!! I took a bath and slept my entire Sunday away. Monday I was up and moving but not much. I had a migraine like no other all day long. I accomplished nothing, not even sending my kids to school. Today luckily has been a bit better. The kids did get to school and I did venture out to the Church to help Mom put up a tree in the Sunday School Rooms! I ended up getting really sick while there though and had to make a trip to the doctor who informed me my Potassium was super low and I was dehydrated! 

Thankfully the headache has subsided this evening. I ate some spaghetti which is the first bite I've had since Saturday. I've entered a few Sweepstakes tonight and even managed to help Bub with his homework. Tomorrow there is nothing on the calendar so I'm hoping to fully recover because from tomorrow on my To Do List looks insane!!!!!

While the trip ended badly and I'll NEVER take another bus trip or probably visit NYC for that matter, I did enjoy my time with my daughter! Here's the photos of the good parts!

My whole world feels like it's been flipped upside down the last few days! My 365 Photo Project is no longer although I have managed to still do something new everyday and I'll blog about that tomorrow. I've got a calendar full of events and a few we had to miss due to me being down and out. Our poor Elf just made his appearance back today because I wasn't able to move him and the kids craft box has been empty since Friday. I'll get back into the swing of it though and soon hopefully.

I'll be trying to catch up on your blogs eventually but until then just bear with me!!!

So that friends is how New York went. Anyone want to go on a trip with me now?

I'll be back tomorrow with hopefully regular blogging

You all have a great Wednesday :) 



  1. Oh my! I thought about you all weekend, thinking how close you were and I had to work and couldn't meet up with you. Because I would have just hopped on the train and been there. It sounds as if you could have used me. I am so so sorry that you got so sick. At least you weren't alone. You have to be careful where you eat.

    But in spite of all of that, I have to say reading this I could tell you are definitely NOT a city girl. It is so common to me to have crowds of people around, ride the subway, etc. It amazes me how different things are across the country. I would be as out of place where you are as you were in NYC.

    I hope you feel better every day. I'll be praying for you. Poor Angie!

  2. I hope you feel better soon. It's a shame that your trip had to end on such a bad note. Did your friends and your daughter enjoy it?

    New York has never appealed to me as a place to visit. My friends want to do a trip to see the tree and the Christmas lights but I'd rather go to see Boston or Chicago - we're still trying to agree on a mutual destination, so I'm not sure that we'll ever get there!

  3. Oh wow what a trip. I took my daughter there the summer before she started high school but we flew LOL. We had a great time and spent a bundle but ended up stranded because of bad weather in Atlanta and spent the night at a fleabag hotel there. In retrospect we should have stayed at the airport and slept on the floor. I bet you did have food poisoning since it happened so quickly and now you have quite a tale to tell.