Monday, December 14, 2015

I Know I've Been MIA

Trust me, I know I've been missing in action. I haven't posted in days. Frankly, I'm one of those people that when something happens to throw my life off balance, it completely derails me! It's took me all week just to feel somewhat normal again. I hate that about my personality but it is just who I am. I don't recover quickly to change I guess you could say.

The last time I blogged was actually on Tuesday. THANK YOU to all of you who left such nice comments on my post. New York was definitely a bust for me BUT I did enjoy the experience minus the whole food poisoning part. My friend Kathy commented that she could tell I was NOT a city girl. I like small cities but big cities like New York are not my thing. Kathy you should come visit and enjoy the slower pace Eastern, Kentucky has for you. I've got an extra room and would love to show you around this side of the country. To me cities are too rushed. There is no time to sit back and enjoy the little things. There is no peaceful moments or slow days. It's all just so fast paced and so not my thing. I guess I'm truly a country gal at heart.

Eileen asked if my daughter had a good time and yes she did. I must admit, so did I right up until I got sick. No, I'd not ever want to live there but New York was definitely something to see once in a lifetime. Note I said once, I have no plans of ever going back. Despite my non love for cities, I too want to see Chicago Eileen just to say I experienced it!

I'm home now though and this is definitely my happy place. While I've been "off" this week and haven't been able to maintain any type of schedule, it's okay because I'm in my safe place. My 365 projects have fell by the wayside. I considered picking up where I left off but decided to just let them go and focus on Christmas. Maybe after the 1st of the year I'll challenge myself to do them again, who knows!

We had a lot going on last week though:

* I've spent lots of time on Sweepstakes! It's a hobby I love but it's very time consuming. I've had two small wins so far though and I'll share those as I get them.

* Lee got a new coat from school. It wasn't anything fabulous but it was very thoughtful. We are very fortunate to live in an area with a Headstart Program that tries to help kids every way they can.

* I created an online Photo Book with all my October Photos. I decided to do this instead of scrapbooking. I'll be working on my November one very soon. I'm loving the way they look. I'm hoping to do them each and every month!

* My son got chosen as "Snoopy" in his school play. They are doing a Charlie Brown Christmas. I totally cannot wait to see him.

* We had our Headstart Parent Meeting last week and I was so disappointed. The ladies leading the meeting rushed through it and we honestly didn't get anything from it. On the plus side, Santa came. My kids didn't want to go. Annalee is afraid of Santa and Axle said he had already talked to him this year. I enjoyed watching the other kids visit though and I got to visit him myself!

* SJ was off work this Friday because he had a personal day to use before the 1st of the year. That gave him a long weekend home. His job is NOT looking good. Prayers for us please.

* I snuggled up to my Hubby the other night and watched Coat of Many Colors. Did you all watch it? Oh my god it was so good!!!!

* I finally got SOME Christmas Shopping done! SJ and I managed a shopping date this weekend & dinner at Reno's. I got most of the kids gifts bought but not all of them. I'm running out of money though!!!!

* The weekend here has been nothing short of beautiful- like really gorgeous weather. We have taken advantage of it too!

* We missed Church on Sunday because I overslept. I watched a crazy movie about a tornado outbreak on Christmas Day. Not the smartest thing to do when our temperatures have been in the 70's around here!!

* We surprised the kids with Christmas Decorations! We had them all set up when they got home!

* Axle had a field trip and we tagged along. They went and saw a musical "Yes Virginia" which was really cool and then went to an Inflatable Place to play. It was a good time!

* Axle also had a Gingerbread Man project to do! He had to decorate one and it turned out so cute!

* Axle's school has been busy- they even got a visit from Mrs. Clause the other day. She gave them magic powder to help them travel to the North Pole while sleeping. He was quite excited about it.

* Last night I made 2 dozen cookies for Axle's class. They are doing a cookie swap today.

* Anika & Cody have been doing their dating thing. Oh the lives of teenagers

* Lee is doing good- still enjoying school and being her mean little self

* This week is sure to be a busy one. Today was Axle's Cookie Swap and tonight I have a Ladies Auxillary Christmas Party to attend. Tuesday I have a Headstart Meeting at the Lodge, It's Character Day at Anika's School & Tomorrow night is our Christmas Ladies Meeting. Wednesday Axle has Grinch Day at School, Anika has Ugly Sweater Day, I have a Headstart Meeting at the Tea Room and my Uncle Bob will be home for a visit. Thursday Annalee has her Christmas Party, Axle has his Polar Express Day & that evening we will be celebrating my Dad's Birthday. Friday Axle has his Christmas Party and Play & then we will be taking the kids Christmas Carroling with the Church. Next week promises to be just as busy too so let's just say Welcome Christmas, we are full speed ahead now!!!!!

I'll check back soon!!!
Have a great week Y'all

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  1. Yowsa! I just read your last post and OH MY GOSH! What a horrible way to end your trip? How did you end up with no socks or shoes while you were sick? What a nightmare!! Thank heavens the tour bus kept looking for you and finally found you.
    I am a city/country girl. I have to live somewhere in between. I love the country but the solitude would get to me. I love the city but the hustle and bustle would annoy me after a bit. I need something in between. ;)
    I haven't been blogging lately either. I have been avoiding the internet for the most part. I am just now getting back into the swing of it.
    Hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!