Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Happy Almost New Year

Here I am today with an update! It's a start I suppose to get back into my everyday blogging. Unfortunately, I have no photos for you today though. My phone went dead and my charger is no where to be found. Drives me crazy. Anyhow, here's a few thoughts for you on this last Wednesday of the year!

* The kids and I slept in way late today. Liked 1:00 pm late. Lee Lee was up sick with a fever last night and so none of us really got a good nights rest.

* Our was pretty blah. Lee cried at the drop of a hat all morning long. She felt so bad. When I checked her fever when we woke it was up to a 101 again.
* I got the kids some snacks at the gas station this morning and called it breakfast/lunch. Yep, major mom fail.

* My day was not nearly productive as I'd hoped. Frankly, it wasn't productive at all. Pretty much all I accomplished was straightening the house, doing a load or two of laundry, taking a bath and tending to kids!

* Hubby said he had a long day today. There was some Chinese folks at his job site today looking at the mines. Remember, it's up for sale. Hopefully this means it's going to sale and not close.

* Hubby brought himself a dog home today. It's his "shop" dog as he calls it because he is keeping him in his garage. He fixed him a doggie door and everything. It's a pup but a BIG pup. He's full stock German Shepard and he's a big ole boy! His name is Copper because he is a Copper color. I'm not sure how I feel about him, I'll let you know later.

* This evening I fixed Bread Sticks and Pizza from some Little Ceasars kits I bought off the church. They were actually very good and very easy. I wish I'd bought more!

* Hubby went to bed at 8 tonight....he has to leave her at 2:30 am for work. That is a ridiculous time of the morning to have to get up and go to work.

* The kids have rambled all night while I've watched television and played online. Lee seems to be feeling some better tonight, praying it passes quickly.

* I've got a few things in store for tomorrow so hopefully my New Years post will be much more interesting than this one!

* Tonight's as good of time as any to do my Monthly Goals Update for you so here it is. Let me just say, posting this makes me feel like a total loser and let's me know just how crazy insane December was. Have I told you I'm ready for a new month?

December Goals- 

Do lots of Christmas Stuff
Total Fail- I'm so disappointed in the amount of things we didn't get to do

Scrapbook all of October and November
Okay so October Photo Book is done and waiting on me to pay for it. November's is about 1/2 done

Help Axle get his first reading Book
We made progress but still no book

Date Night
This actually happened...Hubby and I went Christmas Shopping and then to the Steak House to eat!

Be Kind
I'm pretty proud of myself on this when. I was intentionally kinder and offered help more than normal. It felt good too. Probably the BEST part of December was giving!

December Bucket List

Go See Christmas Lights
Total Fail and the first year in many years :(

Celebrate Christmas and New Years
Christmas Done (even if we were in the ER) and New Years will happen tomorrow if the good lord is willing!

Cook Christmas Dinner at Home
Despite everything going on, I did do this!!!!

Buy the Kids Personalized Ornaments
This didn't happen and this makes me very sad

Do December Boxes with kids
Again, didn't happen- I'm hoping to do this after the 1st of the year though

Make a Simmer Pot
Nope :(

Make a few Handmade Gifts
Nope- just no time :(

Do Something Special for the Husband
Again nope- poor hubby!

Attend Church
Finally- YES we did as a WHOLE family! Sis was in the Christmas Play and done a great job!

Decorate Outdoors
Yes we did with lights, a wooden tree an artificial tree and an inflatable! It looked so pretty!

Well there you have it, the results! Nothing to brag about but I did the best I could and sometimes that is ALL you can do!!!

I'm not going to post January information yet, I'm still in the thinking process of how I want to approach the New Year. Just know this though:

Happy Almost New Year!!!!!


  1. Considering how sick you were I think you did wonderful! You got some things done. I didn't even get a tree up. I did a lot of nothing. I usually send out 50-60 cards. I got 20 out. But like you said, we do what we can do. Next year will be better for both of us. Hope Lee is feeling better. Poor kids. If it's not one, it's the other.

  2. Yikes! I hope everyone heals and feels better soon. It would be nice to start out 2016 with good health! Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year!