Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Twenty on Tuesday


1. We overslept again this morning. It's absolutely ridiculous yet I don't know how to make myself get up. It was after 10:00 before the kids got to school today. It's very frustrating to me!

2. My friend Trish celebrated her Birthday today. I sent her a message and it really got me to thinking about my true friends in this life. I'm learning to make more friends, value friendships more and so forth. All my adulthood I've longed for that perfect friend. It wasn't until recently that all my friends have different qualities they offer me and that I love. There is no one perfect friend!

3. My Sister in Law is assisting me with our Ladies Group and I put her in charge of the craft for one of our December meetings. She's awesome at stuff like that. She suggested we make this and I think it's perfect. She assures me it won't be real hard!

4. Axle had a good day at school today. He turned in his Turkey we disguised as Santa and they played in Shaving Cream to make their spelling words. He has the coolest teacher ever!!!!

4. Axle is doing good in school. He is still behind some with his academics but has came a LONG way. Today he marked off a large majority of his lower case letters he needed to know. We still have quite a few to go but he's making good progress. That makes me proud :)

5. Anika and her boyfriend went to a friends house to learn to make Deer Jerky after school. I never dreamed my daughter would fall in love with a pure country boy.

6. Speaking of Anika, she has a big Indiana trip coming up very soon. I'm excited for her.

7. Anika and I both joined the Secret Sister Exchange that went around facebook. I really didn't expect anything from it. I've not received any gifts but Anika received this in the mail today and she LOVED it!

8. I managed to keep up with my housework schedule today. I'm not bragging though, tomorrow may be a completely different story.

9. Ax had ball practice today after school. He was sweating like a hog when he was done. That boy should be in good shape before season is over.

10. Lee and I attended a Born Learning Program today. It's a 6 month program that meets once a month. This was our second meeting. The first part is the meeting itself. The kids are taken to the Preschool room to play while we learn. Today we talked about the importance of recognizing children's emotions, making them feel safe and confident & so forth. After the lesson we all gather into the cafeteria for dinner. Tonight was Kentucky Fried Chicken, Cole Slaw, Mashed Potatoes and Cookies.

11. My husband has officially lost his mind. He informed me today that he thought it would be a good idea to use one of these huge boats he's got outside for a playhouse for the kids. He's actually talking about putting it on a foundation, building a slide, etc. OMG how I hope this idea passes quickly!

12. I didn't fix dinner tonight since me and the little one's ate at the meeting. Hubby and Anika got Taco Bell.

13. I love Pinterest and lately I've been pinning a lot about bible journaling & bible study. I'm thinking it might be something I start after the 1st of the year.

14. Tomorrow is Veteran's day and my kids are supposed to wear something patriotic. My kids don't own red, white or blue :(

15. I had planned on getting some list making done tonight but it just isn't going to happy. Oh well there is always tomorrow, right?

16. Mom invited me to go walking with her and her sister's today. I said no but wish I had now. Maybe I'll be able to go next time.

17. My shoulder has killed me today. I thought about taking a Flexeril several times but hate taking those things. I'm sure hoping it feels better tomorrow.

18. Axle has Book Fair and a Veterans Day Celebration at school tomorrow. I won't be able to attend and I hate that but I have a Policy Committee Meeting and a Self Assessment Training for the Headstart

19. Before I go, I am asking for prayers tonight from all of you that prays. We found out a few hours ago that a family friend has passed away. He had a massive heart attack. He leaves behind a young son and several older children as well as a wife and grandchildren. Please pray for peace and comfort for this family. Also, my Aunt goes into surgery in the morning. She has terrible lungs and it scares us at the thought of her being put to sleep. Please pray for the team that does her surgery and for God to lead them.

20. With all that said, I'm off to bed.


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