Saturday, November 28, 2015

Trees and Trains

It's been a nice Saturday here at the Newsome Place! Our morning consisted of waking around 10:30 this morning (which is always nice) and then going to town for coffee and breakfast.

Hubs and I decided to venture out today with the kids. We all went to the Trees and Train Festival about an hour away. We got pretty much every year! The kids always enjoy it and so do I. We got to browse dozens of amazing trees, listen to live crooners on stage, check out some amazing trains and eat some yummy popcorn. We also bought some raffle tickets on some really great things. Now hoping we win! Here's some tree photos for you. I hope you enjoy!

After the festival, we drove around the park in hopes they had things going on but unfortunately they didn't. Hubby did spot out a pawn shop he wanted to visit though and it just so happened there was a Goodwill right beside it. That made me very happy. Lee and I shopped while the boys shopped. I found a jacket and a pair of pants plus some leggings for Lee. Hubby got himself a small air compressor. I'll be honest, I LOVE the pants I found. I'm going to go to the designers website and see if I can buy more. I need like 50 pair. In case anyone is interested, the designer is Karen Kane and the pants is a dressy trouser from her Lifestyle line. I'm in love with them!

We ended our evening with dinner at Little Ceasers. As much as I don't care for it, I cooperated. It's pretty much my husband's favorite place to eat.

Tonight was supposed to be Date Night but it just didn't happen. We are hoping to get the kids to bed at a reasonable hour and watch a movie together. Looks like this month will be Date Night at Home! It's okay though, New Years Eve is coming up and I plan on having a nice date night then!!!!

Anika's been gone all day with her Cody. He surprised her this evening with a dozen of roses. Bless her heart, she cried and cried!

He then took her to dinner and they are now watching a movie. She says he's the best. I think this might be the "one". I'm not complaining though, he's a good boy. I couldn't ask for anyone better to her.

Oh and before I forget, look what the Elf got into last night! Yep he hid in our Christmas Tree. The kids are having SO MUCH fun finding him each morning.

Tomorrow is Sunday and the LAST day of our Thanksgiving Break! It's definitely been a nice extended weekend. Tomorrow morning you will find me at Church. Tomorrow day I'm hoping to do some housework, preparing for the week ahead, scrapbooking, cooking and maybe even some decorating. Yes, I have big plans!

I'm hoping you and yours have had a great Saturday!!!


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  1. WoW angie, that is a lot of beautiful trees, i'm glad you shared so many pictures!! that's one great tradition, i would keep it going even after the kids are grown!!!

    you sure do dream big angie, but most often, you are successful!!!