Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thoughts This Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Friends, although it's almost over. I hope each and every one of you have had a blessed day filled with lots of friends, family and food!

I've got two days worth of blogging to do since I didn't blog yesterday. I'll keep it brief though since it's going on midnight.

Yesterday morning I woke up filling like a monster. My head was throbbing and felt swelled, my teeth where aching and I had pressure from no end. Allergies just about got the best of me. Luckily as the day went on the symptoms subsided.

I should've spent my morning hours catching up on this and that but I didn't. Pretty much I wasted them playing online. Oh well, it happens. I did manage to get up and get dressed around midday though. I went up town and met with a few people to collect additional items for the blessing basket our ladies group put together.

When I came home, I got the basket all put together and let me tell you, I couldn't be happier with it. I chose a durable laundry basket to hold all the stuff. I thought this was idea since it was something she could use! The collection of items we received were so nice and we ended up with much more stuff than I imagined. I'm just so thankful for everyone who pitched in and helped. I've yet to deliver the basket but will be doing that this weekend. I didn't want to impose on Thanksgiving prep!

Sis had already gotten the house picked up by the time I got home so I had very little housework to do. My friend Christie called from the courthouse because she needed me to give her some info on researching a title. That's just one of those things I can't do over the phone so I ended up running up and helping her. It took us about 2 hours but we got it done.

When I got back home Sis and Cody headed out for an evening out. They were going shopping and then to my Mom's. Sis spent the night with mom in order to help her cook today for Thanksgiving.

I worked on our Elf Calendar for awhile and the kids played. I was so happy to get the calendar finished. Now I don't have to try to figure out day by day what I'm going to do with our Chris!

The kids and I had to make yet another trip to town yesterday evening. We had to pick up a few things from the Dollar Store. As we were heading out I couldn't help but take photos of the sky. It was absolutely beautiful.

Hubby called while we were up town and announced he was bring pizza home for us for dinner. Sweetest guy ever, sometimes! I was truly thankful though as I didn't really feel like cooking.

Our evening was very non eventful. The kids played out in the garage with their daddy for awhile. He tinkered on this and that and I hung out in the house and did much of nothing. I think it was about 2 before we actually got in the bed this morning though because Mr. Axle was not feeling the whole sleep thing and truthfully I don't know why. It's very unlike him.

Today we woke and I immediately headed to the television for some Macy's Day Parade action. It's a tradition that I done with my parent's and now "try" to do with my kids. My kids are not nearly as interested in it as I'd hoped they'd be but I think it's just the age. Hubby went to town and got us some cappacino to enjoy the parade with. Definitely my kind of morning.

My mom does Thanksgiving Dinner every year at her house for the "WHOLE" family. This year she done it at 2;00 so after the parade we all got ready and headed out. Here's what I wore today!

Black Leggings- JC Penny
Beige Top- JC Penny
Boots- Borrowed from Anika

We had a great Thanksgiving. We had an abundance of food and the whole entire family showed up. The gals in our family sure know how to cook. I think I ate my weight in dinner today. The weather was beautiful so we were all able to spread out and the kids were able to play in the yard. I know my Grandma and Grandpa were smiling down from heaven.

We decided that this year we would do things a little different for Christmas too. Usually mom hosts Christmas every year but this year we will be doing it at my Aunt's house. It's going to be on December 19th in order to allow us all to spend time with other family on Christmas Eve and Day. This year we will be all wearing pajamas too, how fun is that? We also chose to draw names amongst the kids. Normally we buy for all of them but our family just keeps growing. There is 14 kids total now not counting Anika. Anika opted to go into the adult drawing this year. I think all these changes are good. While we are still keeping some traditions alive, we are changing it up just enough to make it interesting!

While I hated to leave good company, the Hubby, kids and I headed home about 5:00. We came home and Axle immediately changed into his play clothes. He couldn't wait to ride his Go Kart!

The plan was him and Anika would stay with the Hubby while Sis, Cody and I ran to Kmart. We weren't going for anything but a Christmas tree so I knew it wouldn't take us too long. Little Lee was upset though, she wanted to go with me and so she did. We went to K-mart, found the tree and I said no way! It looked like a little Charlie Brown tree. Isn't no wonder it was on sale. The only thing I ended up buying was Axle a pogo stick for Christmas because it was on sale! The crowds at Kmart were not nearly as bad as what Walmart looked like. Sis tried to encourage me to shop all night but I just wasn't feeling it!

We were back home by about 8:00. Hubby and Ax was already in for the evening watching a movie! Anika and Cody hung out awhile and then Cody had to go home. Lee played around the house and fell asleep pretty early. I went to mom's and got some leftovers which we snacked on this evening. Other than that it's been a very quiet evening around here. I think everyone has their bellies full and we are all just lazy.

It's been a beautiful Thanksgiving and gosh am I ever thankful for all the blessings in my life!

Oh and before I forget, Chris came back today. The kids found him in the fridge! Let's just say they were super excited to see him!!!

That my friends is all from me tonight. Axle summed it up best this morning when he said he was Thankful for "God"! Me too sweet boy, me too!

Hope you and yours has had a very special day

With Love,


  1. Such a good Thanksgiving you had! I feel as if I were there with you. So cute that Chris is back. Can't wait to see where he ends up this year. I like Ax's answer to what he was thankful for. Out of the mouths of babes, We should all be thankful for God.

  2. What a lovely Thanksgiving and that basket is awesome!!