Thursday, November 19, 2015

This and That Thursday

It's Thursday and I'm glad. I'm ridiculously tired and I'm ready for the weekend. Here's a little randomness for you today- enjoy!!!!

* Last night was a LONG hard night. Poor Lee Lee was sick throwing up all night long. When Hubby got home at 2:00 am I was changing bedding. It was 5:00 am before I finally got to fall asleep and I was back up at 7:00 am. It's been a long day- I'm so tired!!!!

* I have NO IDEA what happened with Axle this morning but he did not want to go to school. I of course made him and I of course won but boy did he put up a fight. It was a rough morning with him too.

* Anika helped me get Axle and all his stuff delivered to school this morning before I took her on to her school. She can be a good help when she wants to be. She's not much of a worker though. I guess at least she's pretty! I'm joking people!

Sissy's off to school Selfie

* Lee didn't go to school today since she had been sick all night. I'm happy to report though the little booger is feeling MUCH better ;)

* Funny Story- On the way to take Anika to school, I stopped at the gas station to get her a pop. I got out of the car and started to the door when I heard her yelling "Mom, Get In, Come back Here". I went back to the car only for her to inform me that my Husband's sleep pants I was wearing had a huge hole in the butt of them. I wasn't wearing panties! Yes totally embarrassing!

* I've actually did a little blog reading today. I'd love to find time to do more just because I love reading your blogs but time is not my friend someday's. 

 * My child is OBSESSED with drawing, coloring, painting, etc. We are talking about Lee here. She stays in trouble all day long for writing on things that do not belong to her!!!!!

* Axle had basketball practice and he didn't argue a bit about going. Sometimes he wants to go and other times he don't. He confuses me! I guess it's the age. His team is needing to raise some money for what I have no idea. They decided today that buying a turkey and selling chances on it would be a good idea. Sometimes you just have to bite your tongue and let things go which is what I did on this one BUT REALLY do they think they are going to make big money off of a turkey?

* Hubby is on 2nd shift this week and I hate 2nd shift :(

* Axle's class has had a lot of things going on lately. Today they had a Thanksgiving Feast and Axle was an Indian. He really seemed to enjoy it.

* They also had their Pumpkin Tasting Party today which is what I made the Pumpkin Dip for last night. I was surprised that the dip was as good as it was. Axle said it was really good with the Vanilla Wafers I sent with it.

* Tomorrow they are having Career Day so stay tuned for that!!!!

* Sis stayed after school today and filed papers for extra credit. It brought her midterm up from a C to a B so it was worth the time and effort.

* My Facebook feed is FULL of refugee posts- I'll keep my opinion to myself.

* Lee Lee's speech is still not improving any. I really need to get her into the third party therapy but I'm going to wait until after the first of the year when things slow down some

* I've been watching a TON of Flashpoint and Blue Blood. If you haven't watched these shows you need to add them to your To Do List and mark them priority!

* I watched a new movie last night too while I was up with a sick baby. 27 Dresses, have you saw it? It was a really cute chick flick!

* We lost our Elf on the Shelf from last year so I'll be buying a new one this year. I was thinking today, I need to get that ordered ASAP!!!!

* I'm hoping to start being more intentional about doing projects with my kids after the 1st of the year. I've been googling a lot of info on it and I'm excited to start.

* Anika's boyfriend informed me he doesn't believe the world is round- I just shook my head. I didn't know what to say really!

* Tomorrow we are supposed to have Girls Night Out if everyone doesn't end up cancelling

* Forecast is calling for snow flurries this weekend- Frankly, I'm ready for it.

* Friends- I'm exhausted and going to call it a night

C-ya Tomorrow


  1. No wonder you're exhausted with only two hours of sleep! Get some sleep, girl!
    You have so many things going. But one thing you should definitely do is check what you're wearing before you go into a store. Ha, ha! Good thing Anika was with you.

  2. Just as well Anika was paying attention - that could have been so embarrassing!