Thursday, November 5, 2015

Thankful Thursday

Today I'm Thankful For:

* Actually waking up on time this morning. I figured we would be late since I was so exhausted last night but we weren't.

* Axle walking himself in to school now. This means I don't have to get dressed!

* Time with the Husband today. It was limited but still more than I got yesterday

* Getting to hang out with this gal all day. She's been out of school all week and today we ran errands, just the two of us.

* Easy Meals for lunch like Sloppy Joe's

* Such supportive friends and family who ALWAYS buy fundraiser items off my kids

* Seeing Daddy and Daughter time- They rode the Go Kart and read books!!!!

* My husband who works so hard to provide for us

* My husband's job...we have been so fortunate thus far

* Time to straighten up my house- it's not clean but it's livable

* Getting to start on Axle's letters with him. I didn't think we would ever get past sounds but we did!

* Sweet videos of my boy learning to salsa dance from his teacher!

* This ridiculously warm November weather this week

* Community Events- Mom and I signed up for a Fall Art Class today!

* Witnessing my son play his very first basketball game. I truly thought a year ago he'd never come out of his shell and just look at him now.

* My parent's who never let my kids down! They were there cheering on my boy tonight!

* Anika being such a supportive big sister. She made her appearance at the game tonight too

* Anika having a boyfriend who is so unbelievable good to her

* My Health

* Socializing- it's good for my soul

* Increased interest in our ladies group. I'm hoping it just gets better and better :)

* Motrin to battle PMS symptoms

* Tired kids who go to bed early

* To Do Lists that help keep me on track

* My Heavenly Father who makes everything in my life possible

Hope you have counted all your blessings today friends



  1. There is SO MUCH to be thankful for if we would only stop and think about it. This is a good list.

  2. Wonderful list! Your kids are all beautiful. I know you're so proud of them! I like to keep a gratitude journal. There's always something to be thankful for and it seems once it's in black & white, it sinks in. I really think this process can change one's life!