Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sunday Review & Lists Update!

November 1st- Sunday

The Clock Reads- 8:42 pm

Outside my Window- It's pitch black dark and has been since about 5:30. This new time change is going to take some getting used to but honestly, I don't hate it like most do.

I am Thinking- That I really hope our Ladies Meeting goes well tomorrow! I've got such big expectations for this group. I know we may have to start out small and grow but I hope the growth does come! Tomorrow is our Brunch and Mug Swap! I've got goodies in the oven baking as I type this and plenty to be assembled tomorrow. Our mugs are bought and gift wrapped. I'm excited if you can't tell.

Looking Around my House- Everything is clean. We have spent all day cleaning it up for this meeting tomorrow. I'm hoping to get the yard and porch in line tomorrow morning. Ax is sitting with me watching cartoons, Lee is about asleep on the couch and Anika and Cody are lounging playing games on there phone. My hubs is working out in his garage! It's been a quiet slow paced day and for that, I am Thankful

My To Do List- For the rest of the night is pretty short. I just got my last batch of muffins out of the oven and I'm going to put my sausage balls in shortly. I've got a load of dishes to do and maybe some blogging but that is about it.

Tonight's Dinner Menu- We actually ate just shortly after Church today. We had Chopped Steak and sides! It was tasty. We have snacked this evening on Speghatti & Meatballs and Raviolli out of a can

Things that Made me Happy and Thankful- That all 3 of my kids went to Church with me, Hearing one of the guys in our Church sing, Planning this Ladies Meeting and a Slower Paced Day

I am Wondering- If Anika's new meds are going to agree with her. She's pretty emotionless and stays tired all the time. The doctor said to give it 3 entire weeks so hopefully it will get better.

I am Wearing- My lounging around the house rags- a grey tee and grey cutoff shorts. It isn't pretty, I promise!

I am Creating- Plans for our meeting tomorrow. I'm hoping to get our Service Project decided, our next Meeting Date set and a Girls Night Out planned

I am Going- To try and get all of our things packed for Cincinnati tomorrow so that we don't have to wait till real late on Tuesday to leave.

I am Hoping- To get a reduced rate at the hotel we will be staying in. I called today and reserved our room. It was $140.00 a night but they said if I called the hospital tomorrow and had them call them they could reduce it to $60.00 a night. I might also be hoping we get in some pool time and a nice dinner while we are there ;)

I am Hearing- The dishwasher running, Axle playing with his truck and some kind of song on the cartoons Axle is watching

One of my Favorite Things Today- Watching Axle ride his Nan on the Go Kart. He was feeling cool :)

A Look at Our Week Ahead- Tomorrow is our Ladies Group Meeting and Axle has Basketball Practice. Tuesday we will be driving to Cincinnati and spending the night. Wednesday Annalee has a Doctor's Appointment in Cincinnati and then we will be driving home. Thursday Ax goes back to school and he has his 1st Ballgame. Friday I'm thinking we might try and catch a movie or something. Not sure yet!

A Peek Into Our Day- Fall Festival Fun for the kids at Church today!

In Other News: I'm going to share my October Lists Update and my new November Lists!!!

October Personal Goals:

* Do more Activities with the Kids- Done and done well- We did so much in October from Painting Pumpkins to Having Playdates to going to Bob Evans Farm Fest. We had a blast this month :)

* Reach out to Friends- I did great with this one too. I had Breakfast with a friend, Took a sick friend dinner and even Carpooled to a meeting with a new friend. I'm super proud of myself.

* Finalize Holiday Plans- This one wasn't exactly a success. Frankly, we are just waiting to see how finances look closer to time

* Work on my Life Bucketlist- I rocked this one this month. I checked off a ton of things

* Work on my Spiritual Side- Again, very pleased with my progress on this one. I am more involved in our Church, Pray more and just feel more spiritually happy!

Now for my October Bucketlist Update: 

* Go Trick or Treating- Done and the kids had a blast! They looked adorable in their costumes and even Dad got to go with us this year.

* Carve Pumpkins- We actually had a fun Pumpkin Carving Party at my Mom's- The kids loved it but probably not as much as us adults

* Take a Hayride- We actually took two this month. One at the Bob Evans Farm Festival and one at the Pumpkin Patch

* Visit Bob Evans Farm Festival- We went and we ALL loved it. Great inexpensive family fun!

* Drink some Hot Drinks- I've been drinking my weight in cappuccino and that is no lie. I've also tried a few other hot drinks like White Caramel Hot Chocolate but didn't like them nearly as good

* Cook Comfort Foods- Done several times this month. From Chicken Noodle Casserole to Pots of Chili, we have ate pretty good.

* Get a Dark Polish- Done, I bought two new one's this month

* Enjoy a Bonfire- We got this one in last minute. We relaxed by a fire on our Date Night this past weekend. It was so nice!

* Take Fall Photos of the Kids- Again I completed this one- We took them to the Train Tracks and Tunnel. We got some great shots!

* Visit Granny's Grave- Another one Done- We went up there the day before her Birthday and put new flowers out. Oh how I miss my Granny

So yeah- I pretty much ROCKED October- let's hope I can do as good with these new November Goals!

November Personal Goals:

* Continue being active with the kids
* Pray More
* Eat out less- Try new recipes
* Scrapbook all of our October Events
* Help Axle get his 1st Reading Book

November Bucketlist

* Introduce the Elf on the Shelf after Thanksgiving
* Celebrate Thanksgiving 
* Have a Date Night with my Man
* Have a Mother/Daughter Date with Anika
* See the Ships at the Ashland Port
* Give out Thankful Cards
* Make or Attempt to Make Cake Pops
* Try to Master Mom's Carrot Cake
* Buy a Book and Read
* Take the kids to the Movies

There you have it folks- wish me luck!


That concludes tonight's post! I'll be back tomorrow night to check in. Have a blessed week ahead everyone!


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  1. You sound so happy!!! I love it!
    My 'at home' clothes are comfy but NOT fashionable! More like a bag lady!
    You really did rock October!!! Onward to November!
    I must have missed some posts about your daughters! Going back to see what I've missed......