Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Something New

Here is my latest "Do Something New Everyday Post" Today I'm sharing Days 36-42

Day 36/365- Found out why Jehovah Witnesses don't celebrate or partake in any Patriotic Events. Okay now let me just say this, the lady I asked was perfectly comfortable with talking with my. I'm somewhat fascinated with other religions and just differences in people in general. She was so super cool with answering my questions and I totally respected her for it!

Day 37/365- I did my first ever Self Assessments- This had to do with the "new" committee I'm sitting on for the Headstart Program. I actually enjoyed the Self Assessments- it just proved to me how different each and every teacher is.

Day 38/365- I ordered food & then Drove Off- Yes I know how terrible that sounds and no I've never done it before. I went to McDonalds with limited money though. I initially planned on watching the little screen to make sure I didn't go over. Well lo and behold, the screen was tore up. Go figure that I over ordered by 3.00. I panicked and I drove off. Yes, bad, I know.

Day 39/365- I sent out a Secret Sister Gift- This was something I participated in on Facebook. My gift went in the mail and hopefully the lady I sent it to liked it. I love sending/receiving mail so I had lots of fun with the Secret Sister thing!

Day 40/365- I saw the Ashland Port- I go to Ashland quite a lot but had never been to the Port. Initially I went to see the Columbus Ships which had sadly already left by the time we got there. The Port was beautiful though and I got some great photos. I love finding new places.

Day 41/365- I wore Pajamas to a Birthday Party- Now you MUST know the party was a Pajama Party however I never dress up for things like that. I always dress my kids but I never participate myself. Well this time I did and it was an absolute blast!!!!

Day 42/365- I made Mom's Carrot Cake Recipe- While I wish I could tell you I mastered it, I didn't. It was good or I thought so but there was just something a little different. I think maybe I needed to let it bake longer. Either way, I now have the recipe and I can say I tried!

There you have it- I can't believe I've done 42 days straight- So proud of me :)


  1. You're doing so well on this. Do you find it hard to think of new things to do?

  2. I guess there's an infinite number of new things to do, but I would have a hard time thinking them up. You have a right to be proud. You are doing wonderfully on this.