Monday, November 9, 2015

Something New 29-35

As most of you know I'm dedicating an entire year to doing something new daily. Some days it just falls into place and then some days it's a chore to find something new to do. I made up my own rules because it's my own little challenge. I am including things I've done before but not in a very long time. The point is to try to add to my life and not get stuck in a rut. So far so good, I haven't missed a day. Here is days 29/365- 35/365

Day 29
Ate at the 365 Restaurant in Cincinnati. It was on the 18th floor and was a revolving restaurant which offered a magnificent view of the city. It was an amazing experience. I had never had a view like that with dinner nor had I ate in a revolving restaurant. It was pricey but so worth it.

Day 30
Visited Cincinnati Children's Hospital. It was the first time I'd ever been there. Lee had an appointment so this one just fell into place. Honestly, the facility itself was amazing but the doctor I saw was less than what I expected.

Day 31
I watched my son play in a Basketball Game for the very 1st time. While to some it might not seem like a big deal, to me it meant the world. My son whom I thought for certain would never socialize has came out of his shell like you would't believe. God is so good!

Day 32
We had lunch out of the deli at our local supermarket. It's been years since I bought food from the deli. It was about like any other place in this town to eat as far as quality goes but it was cheaper so that was a bonus :)

Day 33
Watched my first Christmas Movie of the Season- actually watched two! Never do I watch them before Thanksgiving but I'm feeling very festive this year!

Day 34
I tried Jubilee Potatoes. These are from a box and kind of like Au Gratin or Scalloped. They were good but tasted no different than the others

Day 35
I donated coats to a coat drive. This is something I've never done. Any time I can help, it feels good!

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