Sunday, November 8, 2015

Slow but Good Weekend!

For Today- Sunday November 8, 2015

The Clock Reads: 10:36 pm

Outside my Window: Sits another huge boat that my husband traded for. Don't ask my why, I have no clue!

Looking Around my House: Things are actually very orderly. I spent my ENTIRE Saturday decluttering this place and it was so worth it. I literally through out about 30 bags of stuff we didn't use/want anymore! It feels so good for everything to have a place now! Just hoping we can maintain it throughout the holidays.

My To Do List- I'm done for the night but tomorrow we have a project to work on for Axle's school, I need to reschedule our ladies meeting, I have coats to collect and drop off to a coat drive and I'm hoping to pick up a few Thankful cards to work on.

Tonight's Dinner Menu- We had BBQ Chicken, Stuffing and Potatoes...quite tasty!

Things that Made me Happy and Thankful: Attending Church with all 3 of my babies and my parents, Discussing with Anika what we want to see/do in NYC, Watching Christmas Movies and Lifetime Movies & Good Quality Time with the Husband :)

I am Wondering: How we are going to pay for everything going on these next few months. There is just never enough money.

I am Thinking: About what I'm going to buy the kids for Christmas! 

I am Wearing: A floral nightgown that is about 100 years old but it's so comfortable

I am Creating: A Pinterest Board full of ideas for our ladies group- so much fun :) 
 and the 
I am Going: To bed after this post, I'm really tired tonight for some reason

I am Hoping: To not oversleep tomorrow. That would be a good way to start the week. 

I am Planning; To make a calendar for our Elf on the Shelf this year. I think it would be much easier than just winging it like I did last year.

I am Hearing: This crazy movie on Lifetime! Am I the only one that loves this channel?

I am Praying: For Isaiah, a boy battling cancer in our community, for our church and a pastor, for myself and my faith in the lord, for my husband, children, family and friends.

One of my Favorite things Lately: Watching my babies play together. They truly are Best Friends!!!

A Look at Our Week Ahead: 

Monday- Collecting/Donating Coats to the Coat Drive, Working on a School Project and Ax has a Basketball Game

Tuesday- Born Learning Program and Ax has Basketball Practice

Wednesday- Attending Veterans Event at School and then a Self Assessment Training at Headstart Office

Thursday- Parent Meeting- Craft Event at Library and Basketball Game

Friday- Birthday Party

Saturday- No plans as of yet

Sunday- Birthday Party

Just a Few Pics I wanted to Share:

My Hard Working Man fixing our Underpinning

Sis helping me clean this weekend

It's been a good weekend but has flown by way too fast! Time to start a new week. Hope everyone has a blessed one!


  1. Any time you want to come help me declutter the house, feel free. 30 bags! That's what I need to do. REALLY! Hope I have more time and energy to do it when I'm not working anymore. Thanks for your post. I love going through your day with you.

  2. Nice that! I see you're a list maker like

    There is nothing better than decluttering! I am amazed at all the good things that come from it!

  3. I laughed at your comment about wearing 100 year old comfy pj's - they really are the best! Sounds like you got a lot done this weekend/ It feels good, doesn't it? I enjoyed hearing about your weekend.