Saturday, November 14, 2015

Out With the Kiddos!

For Today- November 14, 2015 (Saturday)

The Clock Reads- 9:44 pm

Outside my Window- It's very cold but it's going to be short lived. I must say I'm ready for some cold weather. It's supposed to be in the 70's again next week. That just puts a damper on my holiday spirit!

Looking Around my House- I'm thankful next week the Hubby is on 2nd shift because I need to get some things done. The clean laundry is piled up on the table, the bar is overcrowded with stuff that has collected on it this week and the kids have made a train of cars, trucks, etc. throughout my living room!

My To Do List- For tonight is VERY short- probably going to finish this post, change out another load of laundry and then watch television till I fall asleep!

Tonight's Dinner Menu- The kids and I had Wendy's this evening while we were out and about. Hubby is getting a frozen pizza when he actually ventures inside!

Things that Made me Happy and Thankful Today: Getting to hang out with my babies all day. We went to Ashland to see the Columbus ships but when we got to the port we realized the ships were gone. I was so disappointed and so was Ax. We ended up going to Walmart and to Wendy's instead. We were going to get donuts too but they were closed!!!!

I'm Wondering: When they will have my Aunt out for viewing. She was found this morning in her apartment and foul play was suspected. They sent her for an autopsy. I'm praying that it comes back that isn't the case.

I'm Thinking: I should've made the Sausage Balls for my Great Nieces party tonight. Between Church and getting the kids ready tomorrow, I don't know how I'll ever find time to make them.

I am Wearing- One of my Granny's nightgowns. I love sleeping in her gowns.

I am Creating: A list of blog ideas. I never thought I'd say that but I am. Not blog ideas as in what I want to post but blog ideas about additional things I want to post about.

I am Going: To have to tackle some necessary tasks next week. I'm bad to procrastinate. For instance I need to call about our insurance, I need to check on a title and the list goes on.

I am Hoping: That Anika's school doesn't give me a bunch of flack over returning my 80.00 for Anika's Indiana Trip. Frankly, I wasn't told until a week before the trip that she would need an additional 160.00 and with New York Scheduled already, I just couldn't swing it. She asked for my money back that I paid but they said it was non refundable. No one told me that when I paid it. I'll be making a trip up there on Monday.

I am Planning- On wearing pajamas to the party tomorrow. It's a pajama party and I figure I might as well join in on the fun!

I am Hearing- Axle talk a million words a minute. Oh my gosh his talking wears me out these day!

One of my Favorite Things Lately- Christmas Shirts- I almost bought one at Walmart today and didn't. Now I regret it. Does someone want to buy me one?

A Look at our Week Ahead: Tomorrow we have Church and then Willow's Birthday Party. Monday Ax has a ball game. Tuesday I have a meeting and then Ax has a ballgame. Wednesday I have another meeting. Thursday schedule is clear. Friday Ax has Career Day at School!

That my friends is the end of this post!!!
Have a goodnight and a very blessed Sunday



  1. Hi Angie, I started this once but lost it as I checked to see where you lived when I thought about the trip to Indy. You should get your money back...young families do not have that kind of money to lose. Sorry about your aunt...hope her death is natural causes. I saw your pictures and think you and your children are cute. Honey, love the time with your children, they grow up so day they will leave home and you will long for them to be small again.. I miss my 4 daughters. I have a daughter named Angie, so I will remember you. Blessings to you and yours, xoxo,Susie

  2. So sorry to hear of the loss of your aunt! Prayers and hugs!! I love this post...I'll have to try it sometime!!