Monday, November 30, 2015

November Updates and December Goals

Well November is coming to a close and I'm finding it hard to believe Christmas is almost here. It is though so I better get prepared! Since it's the end of the month I thought I'd check in and give you my November Updates and Post my December Lists!


* Continue being active with the kids!
I'd say I did okay on this one. We had a trip to Cincinnati this month where we did a little swimming and we ate at an awesome 360 degree restaurant. We attended Basketball Games (several of them), We went shopping and out to eat, We helped little Willow celebrate her birthday, We attended the Born Learning Academy and we visited the Trees and Trains Festival. Tonight we are planning to attend a community Tree Lighting Ceremony and see Santa. We didn't do as much as we did in October but that is because basketball tied up a lot of our time! All in all though I'll call this one a SUCCESS!

* Pray More
I wish I could call this one a total success but it wasn't. Frankly, I did find myself praying more but not nearly as much as I should've.

* Eat Out Less- Try New Recipes
Eating out less was a total FAIL!!! I'm not sure it will ever happen for us. I might revisit this again next year and give it another go but definitely not during the holiday season. It seems I'm often just too busy to cook. I did however try a few new recipes this month including Crockpot Ranch Potatoes, Crockpot Creamy Chicken and Potatoes, My Mom's Carrot Cake Recipe, Cake Pops and Pumpkin Dip. I guess I'll give myself a 1/2 point on this one!

* Scrapbook All October Events
Well again this is maybe a 1/2 success- I did get all the photos downloaded to a zip drive and sent off for printing. The reason they aren't scrapbooked is because Rite Aid didn't get my photos back like they were supposed to. It will be next week before I can get them. Oh well, it's progress I guess!

* Help Axle get his 1st Reading Book
This wasn't a total success either BUT we are getting so close. He is doing so well


* Introduce the Elf- He's back and the kids are having such fun with him!!!

* Celebrate Thanksgiving- DONE!!! We had a wonderful dinner with my mom's side of the family. There was tons of food and great socializing. Definitely a very blessed day!

* Date Night- This was actually done although we had to improvise some. We didn't actually get to go out so we put the kids down early, watched a movie (actually 2) and cuddled. It was a very nice evening in with the hubby.

* Mom/Daughter Date with Anika- This one isn't done but will be this weekend. Her and I are headed to NYC this weekend for a girls weekend :)

* See the Ships at Ashland Port- I drove ALL the way there (almost an hour) only to find that they had just left. I was totally bummed. I'm still calling it a success because I attempted!

* Give out Thankful Cards- This was one I really wanted to do and just didn't get around to it :(

* Make Cake Pops- Yes although by the skin of my teeth. I made them last night. I haven't tried them yet but hubby LOVED them.

* Make Mom's Carrot Cake- Done- although it wasn't perfect, it was close! I'll be attempting it again soon.

* Buy a Book and Read- Total Fail all the way around

* Take the kids to the Movies- Again another total fail :(

Here's to hoping I do better in December!!!!

Now for December's List


1. Do lots and lots of Christmas Stuff- It does only come around once a year
2. Scrapbook all of October and November- Yes I got catching up to do
3. Help Axle get his first reading book- I'm hoping to get this knocked off before Christmas Break
4. Date Night- I'm thinking New Years Eve hopefully
5. Work on Kindness Project- Details to come soon!!!


1. Go see Christmas Lights
2. Celebrate Christmas and New Years
3. Cook Christmas Dinner at Home
4. Buy the kids Personalized Ornaments for the tree
5. Do December Boxes with the kids
6. Make a Simmer Pot
7. Make a few Handmade Gifts
8. Do something special for my Husband for Christmas
9. Attend Church
10. Decorate Outdoors

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  1. You have good goals. The trouble is finding the time to do everything. I think you are a lot like me. We think we can do more than we actually can. But you did really well in November. More pluses than fails.