Friday, November 27, 2015

November 27th

For Today: Friday November 27, 2015

The Clock Reads: 11:39 pm

Outside my Window: It's a beautiful clear night although the rain is supposed to set in soon. I think the next two days are supposed to be rainy ones.

Looking Around my House- It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas- decor is everywhere. We even have THREE trees this year. One was given to me and is a skinny tree. It will remain up year round so that I can use it as a seasonal tree. The other two belong to my kids. Lee and Anika was determined to have a white one so they got it. Ax was determined to have a green one so he got it.

This is Axle's Tree
It sits in my kitchen
He decorated it in all colors 
It has all our special ornaments on it

This is Lee and Anika's
They chose to do theirs in red, blue and white
It's in our living room

This is a slim tree- it's going to be used year round
It will have all clear lights
I'm going to use Purple, Green and Bronze (Gold) ornaments on it
It's in our living room too!

The kids Santa Photo
Anika's Salt Dough handprint
My Santa Countdown
A Dancing Santa of course

Snowman was a Goodwill find- love him!!!!

My mom made the boot many years ago
The reindeer dances too

My Mom made this Santa Cookie Jar too!!

Stockings are hung :) 

My To Do List- For tonight is finished- it's too late for this gal to be doing anything else. I'm hoping to knock out a few more chores tomorrow though!

Tonight's Dinner Menu- Was Wendy's for Sis and I, McDonalds for Ax and Lee & Arby's for the husband!!!!

Things that made me Happy and Thankful Today- In one word, GIVING!!!! Today we delivered the blessing basket to Robin. She wasn't home but I later received an email from her that was so sweet. Her precious son was there and he was so excited to see us. Then we took Coats, hats and gloves to two little girls I know that are truly in need this year. I purchased their gear at Walmart and they were so very grateful. I also had gathered up 2 bags of Justice clothes from my cousin for the oldest and an entire box of shoes from my Sister in Law for the youngest. I absolutely LOVE being able to help people.

I am Wondering- Why marriage has to be so hard sometimes. Please continue to pray for my husband.

I am Thinking- About starting a new daily box project with the kids in December- Details to come soon!

I am Wearing- Grey leggins and a grey tee- comfortable clothes for lounging around the house

I am Creating- A list of gifts I need to buy- Christmas is coming fast my friends

I am Going- To need to buy some ornament hooks and lights for the remaining tree. Two of the three still need tree skirts too

I am Hoping- For a Date Night tomorrow night but we shall see I guess

I am Planning- On making cake balls one day this weekend. I've never attempted it before but I'm excited to try. I bought all the ingredients today. My first batch will be red velvet!

I am Hearing- My son complaining because the Hulk Movie is not the same as the Hulk Cartoon

I am Praying- For Peace, For God to intervene in certain aspects of my life- For continued happiness and joy within myself.

One of my Favorite things Lately- Elf on the Shelf. We are having so much fun with him!!!

Yep trouble maker was on our kitchen light this morning!!!

A Look at Our Week Ahead:

Monday- Taking the kids to our town's Tree Lighting Ceremony
Tuesday- Born Learning Program at School
Wednesday- Tournament Game for Axle
Thursday- Packing
Friday-Sunday-  We will be in New York City!!!!

Friends that is how our Friday Went Down- it's been a good day! Lots accomplished!

Hope you guys are having a great start to the weekend


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