Monday, November 23, 2015

Monday Madness

Monday Madness

* It's Thanksgiving week, let the madness begin

* Starting the week off by getting up early or at least on time would have been awesome. It so didn't happen.

* Ax had Inflatables at his school this morning at 8:30 am. We woke up at 8:15 am. Yes folks we were in a mad dash to get him dressed and out the door. Poor Lee ended up not even going to school and staying home with me. I knew there was no time to get her ready. Total mom fail for sure! The good news, the inflatables were a little delayed and the boy got to play. He of course LOVED them!!!

* Lee and I came home and dressed for the day and then went to town to run errands. I had to pick up stuff for our Friendsgiving Meeting tomorrow and we grabbed some lunch while we were out.

* I'd like to tell you I had a super productive day but I'd be lying. Pretty much I talked on the phone A LOT! First I talked to my Sister in Law forever, then my Mommy and then Rebekah!

* The poinettes we sold for Axle's school came in today. I picked them up when I picked him up. They are now stacked ALL over my table!!!! I will be out delivering them tomorrow.

* Ax had a good day at school. He was so excited to tell me that tomorrow is his last day for 5 whole days. He was also excited that he had no spelling words or homework this week :)

* We came home and I thought I had plenty of time to get things done so I piddled around and straightened up the house. Then my world fell apart when I found out I had to have Axle back to school for his ball game at 5:15. Yes, we ran around like crazy people trying to get two kids dressed and myself. Thank God Anika was home or it would've never happened.

* Axle's game went well. He actually played this time. They lost but oh well.

* Tonight was parent night so he was escorted out by Me and his two Sisters. His dad had to work so he missed it. Poor guy misses everything.

* After Parent Night we came on home. I think Ax wanted to stay but I wasn't up to it this evening. Hubby was home when we got here. He was wanting to ride to the funeral home with me so Sis kept the little one's here while Hubby and I went.

* My Mom's Sister's Husband's Dad died. Did you get all that? Kelly was a great man though and everyone who met him loved him. It was obvious too, the funeral home was absolutely jam packed full of people.

* Hubby and I stayed about an hour and then came home. When we got here Sis had fixed lasagna and garlic bread for supper. I'm so blessed. She's such an awesome kid.

* She had already bathed the little's so we just hung out, ate dinner and chatted before time for the Hubby and kiddos to hit the hay.

* My evening has been filled with sending out emails. A lady I know has two kids and is in dire need of clothes and coats for them for the winter. She also has no money to buy them any gifts. I know her personally so I know her need is real. I've got the ball rolling and hopefully we can help this family out in a great way. Pray for me that I'm able to get enough help to give to them what they need.

* Tomorrow is another BUSY day. I'll be cooking for Friendsgiving, Delivering Flowers and then Attending our Friendsgiving Dinner. I cannot wait. I'm totally excited about it.

* Before I go here is my updated (365 Days of Something New List)! I'm still plugging along on this little challenge and I seriously enjoy it so much.

Day 43/365- Took Snack to Lee's Class- Honestly, this is something I do every single month for Axle. His teacher sends home a snack calander and each month it's his turn to contribute. I rarely do it for Lee's class though and decided I'd give her a turn. She enjoyed it so much!

Day 44/365- Made Pumpkin Dip- First off I don't like Pumpkin so I would have never made it had I not been asked to. Ax was having a Pumpkin tasting party though and I decided I'd make this dip. It actually tasted okay but my pumpkin lovers said it was great.

Day 45/365- I watched 27 Dresses- I'm sure most of you have saw it. I've heard a lot about it but had never watched it. It was a cute chick flick! Definitely worth a watch.

Day 46/365- Downloaded pics to a Zip Drive- Okay as ridiculous as that sounds, I've never used a zip drive. For some reason I always thought it would be complicated. Well, I was wrong.

Day 47/365- I tried Chicken Salad- Now while some of you may love it, the sight of it has always just not appealed to me. You know it's the kind with nuts, raisins and fruit in it. For whatever reason, I had never tried it. Well I did and I realized I was not missing a thing. Yuck, I did not like it.

Day 48/365- I cooked with the Little Potatoes- I don't know what there called really. My mom always called them New Potatoes. I had never used them. I always used big potatoes when I cooked. I tried them in a new recipe and they were quite tasty and much easier to peel :)

Day 49/365- I attended Parent Night- Now yes I did this years ago when Anika was in school and very active but it's been years since I had to do it. I used to remember being so nervous with everyone staring at me walking across the floor. Tonight I realized I'm getting older because I could have cared less who was staring at me!!!!

* That my friends is a wrap for the night. Check back in tomorrow for our Friendsgiving Update. Hope you all have a great Tuesday.


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  1. Glad you got Ax to his game so he could play. It looks as if he is really getting into things and liking it. And you have a gem in Anika. She just totally takes over for you.

    I will be emailing you this week. Joe does not like chicken salad either. Until he tasted my recipe that is. It is good and I will send you the recipe to try. You might like it. I like that you are still doing new things all the time.