Monday, November 16, 2015

Monday Confession Session

I Confess: That I was running late this morning as usual. Yea it never changes does it

I Confess: That I was super glad that Ax threw up before I got him ready for school- I just sent him on back to bed

I Confess: That Anika is the best big sister ever- For Real

I Confess: That I was shocked Annalee went to school so easily since Axle got to stay home

I Confess: There is NEVER enough money

I Confess: That Anika would never go to school if I didn't make her. She isn't quitting now, we are too close :) 

I Confess: That having to buy a small cappachino did not make me happy. How do you run out of large cups?

I Confess: That this whole Isis stuff is getting pretty scary and I don't get scared over stuff much

I Confess: That I listened to our president speak today- he makes me ill

I Confess: That I didn't get to talk to my Hubby much today because he had to leave early. Like at 11;00 am early. This made me sad.

I Confess: That I LOVE watching QVC Fashion even if I don't ever buy anything

I Confess: That Axle's class is having a Pumpkin Tasting Party and I was asked to bring something. I don't make anything pumpkin. After searching Pinterest, this will be my contribution. I'll let you know how it goes.

I Confess: That my son is addicted to You Tube. He loves watching big trucks in mud!

I Confess: That I don't like dogs- except for this one!!!!

I Confess: That this crazy weather is killing me. Freeze to death in the morning and burn up by midday. Make up your mind already.

I Confess: I was hoping to get some more information on obtaining my CDA today but I didn't. Hopefully tomorrow!

I Confess: That someone asked me to borrow $45.00 today and I just didn't feel comfortable doing it.

I Confess: That Miss Annalee's School Projects make me So HAPPY!!!!!


I Confess: That I worked on my house ALL DAY long and it's sparkly clean

I Confess: That my dishwasher needs mounted. If you pull out both racks at the same time it flops forward

I Confess: That I totally wish they would get me on the Sub List- like yesterday!!!!! It will be another month though :( 

I Confess: I'm the world's worst about piling clean clothes on the table forever before putting them away

I Confess: I also end up rewashing a lot because I love wet clothes in the washer- yep bad I know!

I Confess: Anika's staff at her school sucks- Rude bunch of people

I Confess: That my friend Christie and I have been talking about NY today. We are so excited!!!!

I Confess: We were also talking about a date night like soon- double date! Yay :) 

I Confess: My kids fight like cats and dogs but love each other SOOOO much!

I Confess: Annalee calls milk "milkme" it's so cute!

I Confess: I had nothing to do with Annalee's disguise a Turkey Project today. Her and her Sissy did it all. This makes the 2nd one we done. Axle done his last week.

Can you tell he was a Turkey?

I Confess: I'm dreading having to go the funeral home the next two days. I hate funerals but then again who doesn't. Please pray for my family as we say our final goodbyes to my Aunt Lorene.

I Confess: There seems to be lots of deaths around here lately. Cody's Uncle passed today too.

I Confess: The kids have been pretty good this evening. It's quite unusual for them

I Confess: Anika and Cody bought bagels this evening for breakfast tomorrow and I can't wait to eat one!

I Confess: I made a pot of Homemade Soup for dinner and ate 2 BIG BOWLS- Fat girl problems!

I Confess: I had a weird conversation tonight. Friends getting jealous of other friends- I don't get it

I Confess: I'm so excited about our Ladies Group Girls Night Out this Friday!!!!!

I Confess: I have a Carrot Cake on the oven that just needs iced- I should do that like soon

I Confess: It's going on 11:30 pm and I'm still wide awake- insomnia sucks!!!

I Confess: That my house insurance was due two days ago and my mom just told me- Thanks Mom!

I Confess: There is NEVER enough money!!!!- oh wait I already said that didn't I? Well it deserves to be said twice!

I Confess: That my Husband's brainstorm ideas are insane- My mind just can't work like his apparently

I Confess: That I'm getting sleepy and I should go to bed but first I've got to ice the cake

I Confess: That tomorrow is a busy day. Hope you guys have a good one. Goodnight Friends!!!!

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  1. Your kids have such cute projects at their school. I hope Axel is feeling better and can get there tomorrow.

    I have a super easy recipe for a pumpkin dump cake that I will email to you. Basically it's a can of pumpkin, a box of yellow cake mix and a stick of butter. Yeah it's that easy.

    I am finding out there is never enough money. And it DOES bear repeating.

    Have a good night. Hope you get some sleep. I have insomnia too and then I oversleep in the morning and am late for everything. Maybe that's your problem too.