Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Dear Wednesday- I'm pretty glad to see you. It means we are almost over the hump of this week. It's been a long two weeks and I have no clue why really!

Dear Lady in the Office- Thank you for being so understanding about our constant tardiness. Could you please talk to the High School lady and see if she can be as forgiving?

Dear Axle and Annalee- I cannot wait to see the Christmas photos you took at school together today. You all looked just perfect this morning

Dear Headstart- Sorry I threw a fit on you this morning but REALLY you should screen your Substitutes better, just sayin!

Dear Husband- Seems like I haven't seen you any this week. I'm staying home with you tomorrow, promise!

Dear Family- We have had a hard couple of years with losses but let's pray that today was the last time we will have to lay a loved one to rest for quite awhile.

Dear Lorene- I'm so thankful I have the peace of knowing you are in a better home

Dear Churches- You all are wonderful. Cooking for the family after a funeral is such a generous thing to do and I hope you all know how much we truly appreciate it. It's definitely one of the beautiful things about small town living

Dear Christal- Thank you for holding on to my kids today till I got home. You were a life saver

Dear Wind- You were crazy wicked today- Look what you did to my poor Thanksgiving display

Dear Basketball Coach- Practice every night is a lot for little kids- I must admit, I'm glad season is almost over

Dear Axle's Teacher- Well I made Pumpkin Dip tonight. I don't care for Pumpkin but it was actually good. I hope you all enjoy it at your Pumpkin Tasting Party tomorrow

Dear Prayer Warriors- My Lee has the stomach virus...please whisper a prayer for her 

Dear House- You and I have a cleaning date tomorrow, Your Welcome!!!!

Dear Weather- 70 and Rain Today- Snow Flurries this coming Weekend- Bipolar much?

Dear Anika- You totally annoyed me tonight- I know it's probably just typical teenager stuff but UH!!!!!

Dear Daddy- I so enjoyed our conversation today. Thank you for the encouragement

Dear Granny G- I miss you so much :( 

Dear Santa- Please don't bring Lee art stuff for Christmas. She's stays in trouble for writing on everything

Dear New York City- I'm totally looking forward to visiting you however this latest Isis threat makes me a little nervous

Dear Belly- I hear you growling- I'm feeding you soon

Dear Life- Your the BEST!!!!

Dear Tomorrow- I'm welcoming you with open arms. I'm making a To Do List and hoping to knock some things off of it. Be good to me please!

Dear Friends- I'm calling it a blogging night- I'll talk to you all tomorrow



  1. You sound very happy and upbeat, Angie, and as usual are one busy lady.

    I was very sorry to hear about your auntie, was she one of your mum's sisters?

    1. She was actually my Great Aunt Eileen. She was my Grandmother's Sister!