Friday, November 20, 2015

Thoughts of the Day

Thoughts for the Day:

* We actually got up before 8:00 this morning. That is major progress because this has been a hard week on me for some reason. I think we have been late for school every single day.

* I don't know why but this week I've had no motivation, I've stayed exhausted, I've been having chest palpatations and I've been extremely weak and sick to my stomach. Hoping I feel better next week.

* Ax had career day today. He dressed as a race car driver because that is what he wants to be when he grows up. He made a darn cute one too.

* At career day Kelsey May (our hometown star) showed up and sang to the kids! If you don't know Kelsey May, she was on American Idol. Yep, she's pretty awesome.

* The kids also got to watch a chopper land and got to see the inside of it. I'm sure Axle loved this. He is obsessed with all things that move!

* I had a cappacino and McDonalds for breakfast. I might be addicted to French Vanilla Cappacino these days. Don't judge!

* A long time acquaintance stopped by today to visit. Let's just say she broke my heart. She lost her husband suddenly last week and she's really having a rough time.

* Hubby worked 2nd shift again tonight so I only got to talk to him just a bit today before he left for work. I'm glad he's off this weekend.

* We rescheduled our Girls Night Out with our Ladies Group. We just didn't have anyone that tonight was working out for really. Three were going to have to miss due to a death and one due to going home for Thanksgiving. We will shoot for a December Girls Night Out!

* Speaking of the ladies group, I have an issue with a drama mama! She's never wanted to be a part till recently and frankly I think her reasoning now is to stir the pot. I'm not real sure what to do about it. That is NOT what I want for our group!

* Anika had a rough day at school and I don't know why. It seems some days are just hard on her. I don't want my baby to grow up but I also can't wait until she is out of High School. It's just not been her friend. She's so sweet and beautiful, I hate to see her sad.

* I finally ordered our new Elf on the Shelf today. I paid a fortune to get him here before Thanksgiving but he will be arriving on Tuesday. Frankly, it was my fault for waiting last minute. We lost our one from last year (no idea where he went) so it had to be done though!

* Housework around here has been bare minimum this week. I've just not felt well enough to do it.

* Anika and I had Mexican for dinner. The kids had McDonalds. I should have cooked but again, I just didn't feel like it. The food was good though and Hubby now has a treat of chips and salsa in the fridge for when he gets home tonight.

* Anika and Cody went to the movies this evening. They are going to watch the new Hunger Games movie tonight. Anika has read every single book. It's really not something I'm interested in seeing but she loves it.

* The kids have fought all evening long. I think they must just be tired too. It's been a long busy week for Axle and of course Lee has been sick so she's still somewhat grumpy.

* Ax asked me this morning why he had to change underwear when he wore them under his shorts because they didn't get dirty. I don't know son, just do it. Yep that was my reply! Mom of the year over here.

* I had to go in and pay Axle's teacher some money today. She paid for some books for him when he was absent. I also owed her for his Christmas Gift! She did their gift exchange a little different this year. I probably should've brushed my hair and put on makeup before I went but I confess, I didn't!

* I made a quick trip to the doctor today to get my medicine refilled. I have to go every single month and it gets old. Guess it's just one of those have to things though so I just suck it up and do it.

* I'm thinking of all the things I NEED to do. I'll probably spend part of my night making lists tonight. I love making lists!

* I've completed yet another week of the 365 Photo Challenge! Go Me!!!!

Day 43/365- New bag of tools I surprised the Hubby with! He was so happy :)

Day 44/365- Kids have quite a collection of cars and they love to get them ALL out at once

Day 45/365- Sausage Balls for Willow's Birthday Party!!!

Day 46/365- Got behind a log truck on our way to School

Day 47/365- Anika's new Fancy Dress!

Day 48/365- My poor baby sleeping- she had a stomach virus ;( 

Day 49/365- The Wooden Tree my Second Daddy made Me! I love it!

* I put my kids to bed early tonight. I was nervous feeling and grumpy. Since they were wild and tired I thought it would be best for all of us.

* We are supposed to have snow flurries this weekend- I hope so!!!

* Our weekend plans are pretty much none as of right now. I might see if the hubby wants to go to the movies tomorrow or something with the kids. Sunday is our Church day!!!

* Friends- that is about all the thinking power I got tonight! I'll check in tomorrow

Until then


  1. I can't believe SNOW!!! We are just bracing for our first freeze tomorrow night!
    You are so busy!!! Please know this is only ONE season in your life! Hang on and try to enjoy as much of it as you can! I know you do!!!

  2. You sound like you need a good rest and some taking care of. We're supposed to have snow as well but I think it is really unlikely - I hope so, anyway!

  3. Love the photo of Axle in the chopper!
    And Anika's new fancy dress is beautiful on her :)
    Hope you get some rest and feel better this weekend !!