Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Finally Hump Day!

Is it really just Wednesday? Gosh this has been a very long week and I don't even know why. Today was a busy day for all of us. The kids had school today and I had a meeting. We actually weren't too late this morning. Axle even got there in time for the Book Fair. He told me he bought a book but he left it in his desk! Axle's class also celebrated in a Veteran's Day Event today. His class made these super cute hats to wear!

His school is always doing something. He brought home a note today that Career Day is coming up. He's pretty excited about it. They also have a Pumpkin Tasting Party, Thanksgiving Feast and Inflatable Party coming up. Isn't no wonder he likes to go to school.

Annalee's class didn't do anything for Veteran's Day that I know of. Of course, she may bring a project home later this week that she done today. Lots of times they have things go on that I don't know about. I think it's because she's younger. The just don't keep us informed as much.

Anika said the High School put on a Veteran's Day Event too but she said it was absolutely pathetic. They held it outside in the cold and she said it was just a big jumbled mess. It doesn't surprise me. While I'm in love with our Elementary Schools around here, I'm not impressed at all with our Middle or High School.

I spent my morning in a Policy Committee Meeting. It's a committee I sit on for the Headstart Program. It was our usual run of the mill meeting and nothing important much went on. We went over all the reports (financial, statistical, etc.), talked about our current enrollment needs and added a name to the substitute list. Other than that, pretty much just a standard meeting. After the meeting we did our Self Assessment Reports of 3 of the classrooms. It was quite interesting as I'd never done one before. Pretty much we went in and checked to make sure each room was safe and up to state regulations. Of course there was room for improvement but overall the classrooms looked good. We finished our day off with pizza and socializing before adjourning for the day.

I did get some info while I was there in regards to getting my CDA (Childhood Development Associate). I'm truly thinking about furthering my education. One day I'd like to have my own classroom full of little kids to teach. I'm going to inquire some more about it tomorrow but I'll keep you updated.

By the time I got back into town it was time to pick up my Annalee. She was more than ready to go home. Her teacher said she had two accidents at school today and she's had several after we came home. She says it hurts to pee so we will be going to the doctor tomorrow for a urine test. I'm thinking she may have a UTI or something.

Lee and I came home after school and I did housework while she watched cartoons. I'm happy to report I have almost ALL the laundry done. That is just a miracle around here. 

We picked up Mr. Ax at 3:00 and came straight back home. He is always starving when he gets home so he had a snack and lounged around a bit before having to head back out to basketball practice.

I ended up sitting in the parking lot at ball practice talking to a lady forever. I had planned on just staying until Ax got out but Lee had different plans. The child was melting down. She tends to do that when she gets overly tired. I decided to bring her back home and no sooner than we got through the door, she fell asleep!

I was so thankful when Hubby called and said he was on his way home. That meant I could leave Lee sleeping instead of dragging her back out yet again. Hubby got here just in time for me to pick up Ax. He wanted me to run an errand for him this evening and so I did but I wasn't happy about it. I kind of felt bad when I got back home though and realized he had fixed us all supper. It was waiting in plates for us when we walked through the door. 

The rest of our evening consisted of baths, homework, talking and so forth. Sis got home around 9 tonight, her and Cody went to Church tonight! She's such a good gal. I'm truly blessed with her!

Hubs and the kids are already sleeping. I just got off the phone with my Mom and she said my Aunt is resting. She had her surgery this morning and unfortunately is struggling a little. Her oxygen is pretty low and they can't get it to come back up. Her poor lungs are just almost shot. Prayers for her please that she will improve soon and get to come back home.

Tomorrow is an early morning for me. I have a Parent Meeting at the School at 8:30 and then we have Self Assessments at another classroom directly after. Tomorrow night Bub has a Basketball Game. Busy is my life right now but I love every minute of it.

You guys have a great night


  1. Yes, you do have a busy life. And most of it revolves around your kids. What fun! I hope you do go to school for your degree. I think you would be a great teacher. Hope Lee is feeling better.

  2. Bless your heart! You always have so much going on......
    Prayers for your aunt.....