Tuesday, November 17, 2015


* I am seriously the tiredest I've been in a very LONG time. This has been the longest day ever.

* I sat up 1/2 the night (until 4 this morning) watching Flashpoint and Blue Blood- I just couldn't sleep.

* You guessed it, I overslept this morning though. I didn't roll over until 9:30 am

* That of course through my Morning into a complete state of panic. I woke the Hubby basically pleading for his help. He obliged thank goodness.

* I got myself ready for a meeting while Anika got herself ready for school and then helped her daddy get the babies ready. It was teamwork although I don't think the hubby was too happy being part of the team. He worked all night and was tired too.

* We all got out the door around the same time. I had to stop and pick Rebekah up for the meeting. She had apparently had my kind of morning too! She was running late as well.

* The drive over to the meeting was nice. Rebekah and I have a LOT to talk about. We have a LOT in common. Frankly, I do most of the talking. I can't help it, I like to talk.

* The meeting today was at steakhouse in the next town over. We don't eat there often just because we usually go to the Roadhouse but I had been there before.

* The meeting was just another standard meeting. We discussed the financial report as we do every month and the lady giving the information explained to us what each item on it meant. We discussed attendance as usual and our county is low as usual. We are never where we need to be on attendance. There wasn't much new information today or not that I heard anyway. Frankly the setup of that place was not great for a meeting. Some of us was on one side of the room while others were on the other side. The food was GREAT though! Our table ordered a blooming onion as an appetizer and it was yummy. I chose to have Steak Tips covered in cheese with onions, peppers and mushrooms. The steak was perfection! It came with a tasty side salad and baked potato. I pretty much ate like a queen! We set our next meeting date for the 3rd Tuesday in December and voted on a craft we will be making at that meeting. I can't wait. I'm such a dork when it comes to stuff like that.

* Rebekah and I came straight back after the meeting. She had to get her girl off the bus. My Lee spent her day with her daddy. He let her play hooky and NOT go to school. Shame on him, I know!

* I was hoping once I got home I'd get some things done. I said bye to the hubby as he headed off to work and then sat down for a minute. Big mistake, I got 2 phone calls back to back. One from a friend just wanting to chat which was nice and another from a friend with a big issue! That took up a big lump of my time. I hadn't even hung up with the 2nd friend when another friend showed up at my door. Let's just say I spent the next few hours talking to her. She just recently lost her husband and she was a mess. It broke my heart.

* When she left it was time to go get Axle from school. Of course there was the normal fight with Lee to get in her car seat but we settled it, well actually I just made her. We picked bub up. He had a good day he said.

* We came home and Ax & Lee watched cartoons. I got yet another phone call that I had to take. Sis came home while I was on the phone. Cody came with her. His Uncle was out tonight at the same funeral home my Aunt was. Isn't that ironic?

* I fixed the kids a snack to hold them over till later and Anika & I both got cleaned up. While we got cleaned up, the kids ate. After they finished we got them changed and ready to go.

* We headed out to the funeral home around 5:30. I had to stop and drop a paper off to a lady on the way.

* The rest of our evening was spent at the funeral home. We were there about 3 hours or so. I saw so many family members I hadn't saw in forever. Isn't it amazing how it takes something like death for people to get together? My Aunt Lorene looked beautiful as always. She always was a pretty lady. The family is doing okay. We are tough and have been through lots of loss lately. I guess you just learn to cope..

* It was about 8;30 when we left and I had to stop at the store on our way home. Hubby and Ax had to have stuff for their lunch buckets. Tomorrow is Axle's day to take snack too so we had to pick it up. Of course Lee wants to take snack as well so we got her stuff too. In a nutshell I spent a fortune on junk food!

* We came home and I immediately put the kids in the tub. Cody and Anika brought food so they ate and then helped me get my house in order. It was a disaster! Our evening pretty much consisted of eating, cleaning, preparing for tomorrow and homework. Ax had quite a bit of homework tonight.

* It's after 11 now and I'm just now eating dinner. I probably would've skipped it but I was starving. The kids are all in the bed. I'm going to finish this post and head that way myself. I've got a feeling I'll fall to sleep fairly easy tonight.

* Tomorrow we will be having my Aunt's Funeral at noon. I've made arrangements for the kids to be taken care of after school until I can get there. Anika will be attending with me.

* Tomorrow is also Christmas Pictures at the kids school- I hope they turn out cute. Ax and Lee are taking theirs together.

* Speaking of pictures, none from me tonight other than this one that Axle's teacher posted today. He was working in his journal :)

* Friends- I'm calling it a night. Hope everyone is having a great week. Hoping to catch up on blog reading tomorrow

Until Then,

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