Friday, November 13, 2015


I've got two whole days to catch up on so I thought I'd just do a currently post. Frankly, yesterday was not a good day and I just couldn't bring myself to blog! Today has proved to be much better though and so thankful for that. Here's what has been happening around here.

Feeling: Much more at peace tonight. Yesterday was a bad day all around. I guess you will have those. Today I'm feeling much better though!

Listening: To my kiddos playing cars in the floor and Mickey Mouse on television. The life of a mom!

Happy: That my friend Christie and her daughter Autumn got seats today to go on the NYC Bus Trip with us. It's going to be so fun!!!

Thinking- About how life is so complicated yet so beautiful

Wishing- My neck and shoulder would ease up. They have been hurting all night long. I took a Flexeril hoping it would help but so far nothing.

Wondering- When it's going to get colder. I'm a big fan of warm weather but 70's in November is just a little much. How am I supposed to get in the Christmas/Thanksgiving spirit in these temperatures?

Needing- To get my Elf on the Shelf Calendar done! I'll be gone the first of December so I'm hoping having a calendar made out to make it easier on mom and hubby

Loving- That I FINALLY got a few Christmas gifts bought today. Not a lot but a few! Go Me :)

Excited- To see the ships tomorrow at the Ashland Port. Be looking for photos!

Craving- Raspberry Cheesecake Cookies from Subway. I love those things!

Wanting- To put up my Christmas Tree- I don't have one though. I'll be buying a new one this year.

Proud- That I completed another full week of the 365 Photo Challenge! Here is the results!

Day 36/365-
The time we actually made it to school

Day 37/365
Grilling out in November

Day 38/365
Jubilee Potatoes for Dinner

Day 39/365
Christmas Cookies the Hubby bought us!

Day 40/365
Beautiful Decor at the Born Learning Dinner

Day 41/365
Sporting my Patriotic Wear on Veterans Day

Our Schools Dance Team

Planning- On a busy week next week. My calendar is filled up with activities again!

Wearing- Grey Sweats and a Virginia Beach Sweatshirt my momma got me

Thankful- For my child's forgiveness, For time to communicate with my husband today, For Prayer, For learning to handle my anger and For the health of myself and my loved ones.

Googling- CDA Information- I'm really thinking about trying to get my CDA

Cleaning- Not a lot, just a lot of picking up being done. I have managed to get a good handle on the laundry though.

Praying- For lots of families in need in our neighborhood- For our Church- For Myself and my Family

Enjoying- Life one moment at a time

Reading- Nothing :( 

Contemplating- What I will do if Axle decides not to play in the game again this coming Monday. Do I let him quit? Parenting decisions are tough.

Pinning- Lots of new lovely things!!!!

Date Night Ideas

Winter To Do Lists

Bible Journaling Ideas

Activities for the Kids

Cooking- Frozen Dinners- the rest of our meals have been Take Out

Appreciating- This life I have been given

Watching- Lots of Blue Blood! Have you seen it? Great show!

Going- To work on my Elf Calendar and maybe write out a Thanksgiving Card or two!

Sharing- These random pics

Anika did an eyebrow tutorial- I don't like it :) 

Sis dressed up for extra credit at school

Lee Lee made me artwork!

Have a Happy Weekend Friends- Tomorrow the kids and I will be out and about doing a little History Trip! Sunday is Church and a Birthday Party. Hope you all have a good one!


  1. You are one busy lady. I know I always tell you that, but you really are. I like that you are keeping up with your 365 pictures. I always enjoy looking at them. At the end you will have a pictorial journey of your whole year.

  2. Thanks for dropping by my blog Angie. I am coming back to yours later to read some more!! I am a MOPs Mentor and I love young moms!!

    1. I wish we had a MOPS group around here but I have started a ladies group in our town so I'd love some mentoring!