Monday, November 9, 2015



Feeling: A little tired. I've decided to start taking my sleeping medicine again and I can feel it kicking in tonight. It really does help me rest better and hopefully will help me get up on time. I was doing well on it and then just up and quit it. I do so much better if I stay on a good sleep schedule.

Googling: "Bird flying in house" Yes, I know I'm being silly and superstitious but it happened yesterday and I've worried about it since. I'm sure it's probably nothing....right?

Cleaning: Well I did lots of tidying up today. Not too much in the way of cleaning really. I did make a good dent in the laundry and am hoping to knock the rest of it out tomorrow. I sat down today and wrote out a cleaning schedule, let's just hope I can stick to it. If I can, I think it will work out well. Wish me luck.

Hearing: Lots of comments about the whole Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert deal. In case anyone cares, here's my two cents. Blake, I loved you but you are an idiot and I can't even look at you the same. Sorry not sorry!!!

Praying: For lots of things and people. If you have time, please whisper a prayer for my Aunt. She has to have surgery on Wednesday and her lungs are so bad. It's scary to see her be put asleep. I know it's all in God's hands though.

Enjoying: Watching my boy play Basketball. He did so good tonight. He makes his mommy proud!

Reading: Nothing although it's on my list to buy a book and read it this month. I should get on that soon!

Thankful: For my Ladies Group. Although the turnout hasn't been as good as I'd liked, the ladies I do associate with are all such great people. I spent lots of time planning out our December events and brainstorming ideas. Lots of awesome things planned!

Wishing: That more people around here would get involved in things. For instance, I took 6 coats to the library today to drop off for a coat drive. I was so sad to see an empty box when I got there :(

Contemplating: On not going anywhere during the Thanksgiving Holiday. We talked about it tonight and we might just stay here and do a few things..maybe even work in our date night!

Loving: Being involved in the Little One's school stuff. Lee brought home this candy corn she made last week and oh my how cute. Tonight Ax had to disguise a Turkey so it wouldn't get eaten. We made him into Santa Clause. This age is so much fun.

Axle and his Project

Turkey turned Santa!!!!

Lee's Candy Corn

Smitten: With this little Girl- I mean really, how could you not be?

Ready to Cheer on Bubby

Look at that face!!!!

Planning- On attending the Born Learning Program tomorrow. It's such a fun little program for Mom's and Kids. Our school offers it once a month and this is the second meeting. It lasts 6 months and I'm hoping to make it to all of them.

Pinning- A bunch of different stuff

Gorgeous Christmas Trees

Animal Cell Projects- because this might come in handy one day

Elf on the Shelf ideas for this year

DIY Christmas Garland- I love it :)

Cooking- Cheap quick meals like spaghetti which is what we had tonight

Wondering- If we can work in one last camping trip with the kids before it gets way too cold

Appreciating- How much Anika helps and supports me and the little one's. She truly is more than a daughter, she's my best friend.

Hoping- Our church will be able to sponsor some presents for the Headstart Class

Needing- To get started on my October Scrapbooking

Watching- Ax and Lee growing up to be best friends right before my eyes. It's so precious

Loving- My sweet man :) 

Going- To do a little list making and then heading to bed.

Goodnight Gang!!!

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