Monday, November 2, 2015

Currently 10-02

Currently 10-02-2015

 Feeling- Sleepy and Congested. I didn't sleep much because BOTH my kids had rough nights. Hubby ended up sleeping with Axle and I ended up sleeping with Lee. We were both up and down all night long. I'm not sure what was going on with Axle but he kept saying he felt sick and Lee's nose was stopped up and she coughed all night. I'm hoping to sleep better tonight but I'm pretty congested so I doubt it.

Listening- To Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on television. Both my little one's are laying in the bed with me watching cartoons.

Happy- To see Anika coming through the door. Her and Cody went to the movies tonight and just got home. I'm always happy when she's safe at home and not on the roads. They watched a scary movie!

Thinking- About our Ladies Group Meeting today. It went very well and I was very pleased. Their was 8 of us in attendance all together. We had great conversation. It was a nice mix of teenage girls and some of us seasoned ladies. The menu was a hit with everyone and we got things nailed down for the rest of November. Our service project was chosen and we are creating a blessing box for a lady in our community whose son has lukemia. We wanted to do something nice to lift her spirits. We also planned our girls night out which will be a Mexican Dinner and some Bowling. Our next actual meeting will be right before Thanksgiving and we will be having a potluck dinner and discussing December ideas. We know we want to Christmas Caroll at the Nursing Home in December. I'm just really excited about this group!!!

Wishing- I didn't have to go to Cincinnati tomorrow. I'm dreading the 4 hour drive, the appointment, etc. Our hotel does at least have a pool so that is a plus. We are staying in a hotel I've always wanted to stay in too. It's a round hotel, how cool is that.

Wondering- How Axle will do in his First Basketball Game! His first game is Thursday and I'm so excited for him!

Needing- To pack my stuff for our trip tomorrow but it's not going to happen tonight. Guess I'll just have to get on the ball first thing in the morning.

Loving- These new things I found on Pinterest!!!

This is such a cute idea for kids
Passed this along to Axle's Teacher!

Reindeer Treats- does it get any cuter?

Perfect for Ugly Christmas Sweater Party!

Axle and I are going to be using some of these
techniques very soon

Excited- For Thanksgiving and Christmas. I'm such a holiday freak!

Craving- A cough drop, my throat is sore

Wanting- A nice relaxing massage- anyone want to gift me one?

Proud- Of the fact that I'm doing so well on my 365 Days of Something New Challenge. Here are Days 22-28

DAY 22/365- I carved a Pumpkin. Usually this is just something I let the kids do but mom had us a Pumpkin Carving Party and she got one for me to carve too!

DAY 23/365- I fried Chicken and yes you read that right. Seriously I don't fry chicken ever. I use Shake and Bake or we buy it from KFC. I gave it a whirl though and I came to the conclusion that it's hard to do and I suck at it. Yea, not my best experience.

DAY 24/365- I helped Axle with a Science Board. Now sure I done this years ago with Anika but it had been years. It turned out cute though and we won Second Place.

DAY 25/365- I slept on a boat. It was one of the funnest things I've ever done and we will be doing it again and again. This was Hubby's idea of Date Night and while I first wasn't impressed, it turned out to be great!

DAY 26/365- I made White Chocolate Popcorn. I made it for the Fall Festival at Church and all the kids raved about it. Axle said it was his favorite food ever! It was a super simple recipe and turned out so cute. A big win!

DAY 27/365- I cried during Church. This was NOT planned but it happened. Usually I'm pretty emotionless in front of people but that morning I just couldn't help it. 

DAY 28/365- I hosted a Brunch! I've never ever hosted a Brunch before and it was so fun. Everyone left happy so that is a win in my book

I really love the do something new project- it's pushed me to try SO MANY new things!!!!

Planning- To do some writing and a little blog reading before bed

Wearing- A nightgown- it's almost 10:00 pm

Thankful- For a good turnout at the meeting today, for my beautiful babies, my husband, my family and most importantly My Father in Heaven

I'll not be blogging tomorrow friends- Instead I'll be in Cincinnati. Lee's appointment is at 8 on Wednesday morning so I"m not sure what time we will be home Wednesday but when we get here I'll post an update on what they say

Have a blessed week y'all