Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Cincinnati Trip Recap

* Tuesday morning we hit the road around noon headed towards Cincinnati for Lee's visit to the Children's Hospital. For those that didn't know, she had to see a thyroid specialist.

* I was really dreading the drive but the trip down wasn't too bad. The kids were excited about staying in a hotel and talked the whole way there!

* We didn't make many stops on our way down. We ran into the Dollar Tree, Stopped at a Gas Station and had lunch at Applebee's. Lunch was SO GOOD! The best part, it was a beautiful day and we got to eat outside. That always makes it better in my opinion.

* One of my favorite parts of Cincinnati is seeing the Bridges! There is lots of them. The kids loved them too.

* We got checked into our hotel with no issues. It was a really nice hotel. It was an older hotel but had been updated. The only complaint I had was lack of outlets to plug in all of our devices. Mom on the other hand complained about the toilet flushing slow and the water draining slow. The woman kind find something to quarrel about regardless :)

* The hotel experience in itself was worth the $90.00 I paid!

* Mom rested for a few after we checked in. The kids wouldn't let me rest so we took photos of the view from our balcony instead!

We were on the 11th Floor!

* Resting didn't last long- the kids were raring to go. We decided to walk around the hotel and just check it out. The kids found the pool first thing but we held them off until after dinner. We decided to eat at the restaurant in the hotel although we knew it would be crazy experience. It is a Rooftop Restaurant with all glass windows overlooking the city. The best part, the room rotated so you got a complete 360 degree view while you ate. Yes it was amazing. Yes it was expensive and a little ritzy for our taste but omg it was so worth it! I was just in awe of the view and the kids LOVED the fact that we were moving!!!!

* After dinner we went back to the room and the kids insisted that we go swimming. How could I say no? We spent the remainder of our evening hanging out in the hot tub and pool :)

* Finally around 9:30 we persuaded the kids to get out of the pool. Mom took them up to the room to bath them while I went to the car to get a few things and to the hotel store for snacks and drinks. I couldn't resist a photo of our hotel all lit up!

* I got to the room, helped mom finish the kids up and then we hung out for a just a bit before calling it a night! I was exhausted and so were the kids. We slept like babies. Mom on the other hand was up all night. The traffic about drove her crazy. She's not cut out to live in the city!

* This morning started way too early. We had to catch our shuttle by 7:30 so I got up showered and took a few photos. Then I got the kiddos up and got them ready. I guess it was waking up in a new place but they actually got up pretty easily for me.

* We caught our shuttle to the hospital. It was only like a 10 minute ride but was free and sure beat the heck out of fighting the traffic in our car.

* We got to the hospital and navigated our way to the Department we were supposed to be at. The hospital was HUGE but people were friendly and very helpful. Unfortunately I couldn't say the same for the doctor's we saw. I was so disappointed to say the least. Let's just say they did nothing. No blood work, No tests, No nothing. The only thing they did was tell me my 3 year old was obese and wanted to give me a bunch of nutritional information. I was appalled. I understand she is heavy BUT don't disregard what I consider possible medical symptoms because of it. She was sent there because her thyroid test came back high, I couldn't understand why they didn't at least recheck it. Her BP was up too but they said it was nerves, nothing to worry about. Needless to say I left unhappy. While we were there I did snap a few cute pics though!

* We went ahead and had breakfast in the cafeteria before calling our shuttle to come back and get us. Figured it would save us a stop on the way home. After we ate we loaded back on the bus and headed back to our car. Axle and Lee both enjoyed the bus ride!

* Our trip home was pretty uneventful. Mom and the kids slept almost all the way and I drove. We stopped only once for fuel.

* It was around 4:00 when we got home today. This evening I've napped, went to town and got dinner and gathered up Axle's fundraising order. I've been rather lazy.

* Tomorrow Ax goes to school. It's his first day this week since they were out on Monday and Tuesday. Lee doesn't have school all week this week.

* In case your wondering, Anika stayed home with her cousin while we were gone. She had to go to school today. Don't worry though, she had her own fun. She got her nails done :)

* Tomorrow is another busy day. There is housework and laundry to catch up on, fundraising money to collect and then my boy has his 1st ever ball game! Never a dull moment around here.

Hope you all are doing well and enjoying your week!!!



  1. I can't imagine why they didn't do blood work!!! At least everyone enjoyed the day - other than that! You did great!!

  2. Nice trip but not so nice at the hospital. I am battling with my thyroid now. Insist on another doctor to check her out. Get one close to home because it will take a while to get the right level of medication if she needs it and you will be making regular visits. I have found out that the thyroid is nothing to fool around with and the doctors in Cincinnati should be ashamed of themselves.