Friday, November 6, 2015

Alphabetical Friday

Alphabetical Friday

Anika went to school today and then went and hung out with the boyfriend. Apparently he's spending his Saturday hunting so they did their hang out time today.

Booked Sis and I seats today for a NYC Trip. We will be going the 1st week of December! It's just going to be the two of us so it should be so much fun.

Christmas is in full gear everywhere I look. Am I the only one that is focusing on Thanksgiving first? Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas but I also love to enjoy each and every holiday.

Decided to not go to the Peanuts Premier at the movies tonight. Instead, I wanted to spend my evening home cleaning. Well I did but ended up only getting one room done. My bedroom underwent a massive declutter today though and I got three garbage bags full of junk out of it. Hoping to work on the rest of the house this weekend since we don't have any plans.

Eat out too much today- had lunch from the deli at the supermarket and then the kids got McDonalds for dinner and I got Subway. Not doing well at all on my November goal of eating out less :(

Felt pretty yucky today. PMS sucks and on top of it I've got a terrible place on the inside of my leg that is killing me. I'm not sure what it is but it hurts just to touch it.

Gathered up our gently used coats that we no longer wear. I've got them laid out and ready to take to the library for the coat drive on Monday. Mom and another friend of mine are sending some by me too. 

Had one happy little boy come to the car today when school was over. He won a prize for bringing in the most Mashed Potatoes during their food drive at school. I had no idea there even was a prize so I was shocked. His goodie bag was filled with candy, pencils, scissors, erasers, 

I am loving that our ladies group is doing well. I'm still hoping it continues to grow and think it will once people realize what we do. Here is what we are working on right now.

* We are collecting personal items for a lady in our hometown. Her son who is 9 is battling two kinds of lukemia. We wanted to fill a basket full of items to indulge her a little. We are taking donations up until our next meeting date in November. We have had a good amount of people wanting to donate.

* We are taking $5.00 donations for a gentleman in our county who is dying. His family is trying to get him to Cleveland Clinic in hopes that they can do something for him. The money will be spent on a gas card and given to them the first of December so they can use it for his appointment in mid December.

* We our having our 1st Ladies Night out on the 20th- We will be eating Mexican and Bowling

* We will have our Friendsgiving (Thanksgiving) Meeting on the 24th. It will be potluck style

* We also look for any other things that come up throughout the month. There is a family whose mom is being sent home on Hospice tomorrow. Some of us ladies are hoping to take them a meal or two in the coming weeks.

* January thru March calendar was posted at Hubby's work yesterday. When they post it, the guys right down any days they want to take off those months. Hubby has 4 weeks vacation so we split it up throughout the year. We decided today that he will try to take off a few days around our Anniversary in February so that he and I can go on a short trip to celebrate!

* Kids have been arguing a lot lately. I know it's just sibling rivalry but I hate it. Sometimes they can be so sweet to one another and the next minute they are hitting and fighting!

* Letters came home today in regards to Axle's Christmas Party at school. His teacher is a brilliant lady. She asked that we all send in $10.00. With that money she will purchase all the boys gifts and all the girls gifts. The boys will all get the same and the girls will all get the same. Santa will come to school and hand out the gifts to the kids! She likes to do it this way so all the kids get the same gifts and no one gets their feelings hurt. I think it's genius.

*Mom is sick with laryngitis. She went to the doctor today and got a shot and steroids. Keep her in your prayers please!

*No idea if Hubby has to work tomorrow or not yet. He will know when he gets home tonight. We didn't make any plans just in case.

* Organized all my drawers and closet today. Also managed to organize my desk. Just trying to gear up for the holiday season I guess.

* Pretty much in love with this photo Anika took part in. She is the one in the chef hat. She represented her Culinary Class.

*Quote I found and Loved:

* Really craving a Mountain Dew right now. I need an energy boost!

* Sometimes my son asks questions I don't have answers for. He's a question machine these days and while I know it's how he learns, sometimes he drives me crazy. Today he asked me if he died before Christmas would Go have Santa bring his presents to heaven. I don't know how he thinks of stuff like that.

* Thinking of Turkey Disguise Ideas. Ax has a project to do this weekend. He has to disguise his Turkey as something else so it doesn't get eaten on Thanksgiving Dinner! I'm hoping he doesn't want to do something outrageous and crazy but knowing my son, he will.

* Useless fact for the day: 

*Very concerned about Lee's speech. Seems for the past two days it's been horrible. She can't hardly talk at all most of the day. I don't know why unless it's where she's out of school and out of her routine.

*Wondering what I'd look like with red hair. I really love this color

*eXcited for a craft class next week that Mom and I signed up for. I don't have a crafty bone in my body but it still should be lots of fun!

* Yawning like crazy. I'm so tired tonight. Told the Hubby I'd try to wait up on him but don't know if I'm going to make it till 2:00 am or not

* Zillions of things I should be doing but just too tired to do them. Hoping for a productive day tomorrow :) 

Goodnight Friends

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