Monday, November 30, 2015

Newsome News

Oh my Gosh, where do I start. I guess I'll start by saying be prepared for a long post from me tonight. I didn't blog yesterday and it seems between yesterday and today, I have a LOT to blog about!!!! I'm just going to go at this bullet style to simplify things.

* Yesterday we didn't make it to church and I totally missed it. Anika had a horrible migraine though so I stayed home with her. Mom said I missed all kinds of announcements so she filled me in. Our Church is finally starting a Youth Group and I'm so happy about this. We are also taking up donations for body lotion and deodorant. These will be delivered to the Nursing Home by our Sunday School classes. Our Christmas Play is coming up as well as and we are planning a Christmas Caroling adventure in the community followed by Hot Cocoa and Cookies at the Church. Should be a blast!!!!

* My day yesterday was spent at home. The only time I left the house was to go to town to buy some fuel and to the grocery store. I did stop by Rite Aid while I was out in hopes of picking up my photos I sent off but they informed me that due to the Thanksgiving holiday it would be yet another week. For Real, I was so annoyed!!!

* My husband spent his entire day trading (socializing since he didn't actually trade for anything). I must admit, he irritated me just a LOT yesterday.

* The Thanksgiving leftovers are finally gone at our house. Can I get a Thank Goodness for that!!!

* I spent the majority of my day cleaning yesterday. Since the kids and the hubby had been home for a few days, the place was a jungle!!!!!

* Anika had a friend over for awhile. They decorated my "Third" tree with lights for me. It now sits outside on my porch and I couldn't be happier with it. I love it! These photos didn't take well but trust me, it's beautiful.

* Anika's boyfriend came over last night. I swear he babies her to death. She wanted Taco Salads so here he came carrying in the stuff for her to make them. You'll not hear me complaining, I got dinner cooked for me :)

* Sis decided to go to my parent's last night to help them decorate for Christmas. Man did they do a good job. My mom's house is immaculate and she is quite the decorator. I did not inherit this trait sadly. Anyway, here's her decor and each piece has a story. I just love it.

This tree belonged to my Mom's Mom and Dad
This is the one they used the whole time us grandkids were little
It's got the same exact ornaments on it as it did when they were living

This is what Mom calls the family tree
It's full of stuff from my childhood, things my kids have made
and things from friends of my Mom and Dad

These are my Babies Stockings hung at Mom's house

These are figurines given to my Mom by her Aunt

This is Mom and Anika's Snowman Table
They pick out a new one every year together

Mom's Front Porch

The newest addition
He was made for Mom and Dad by a friend in their Church

This pot was from my Grandma's Funeral
Mom fills it with flowers every year

Mom's outside Tree on her back deck

This centerpiece was given to my Mom by my Granny
Granny owned a flowershop for many years 
This was given to mom during that time

This is my Granny's Tree
Granny passed away Christmas last year
I am her only Grandchild so when I got older she started using a smaller tree
The three ornaments are the one's I bought her 2 year ago
They have my kids names on them

* Hubby and I decided to watch a Christmas Movie last night. I watched it all, he fell asleep. It was a GREAT movie and if you haven't saw it, I recommend you do (especially you Kathy)! It was called "A Gift Wrapped Christmas"

* After the movie I just couldn't sleep so I got up and did some writing. I managed to get a Brain Dump written out and oh boy do I have a lot to do this December!

* I think it was around midnight before I finally laid down. I tossed and turned all night long and so did the Hubby. I don't think either of us got very much sleep.

* Today the kids returned to school. Axle was ready to go see his friends but Lee was a bit hesitant this morning. I think being off for break she just got out of her routine. She didn't cry though so that was a big plus!

* Hubby didn't sleep in late at all this morning. He usually does when he's on 2nd shift weeks. When he got up we went to town and he fueled up his truck & got coffee. I ran into the store and got stuff to fry us some burgers.

* I started cooking when we got back home. I was a cooking machine today and my kitchen sure did show it! I made Macaroni Salad which is a favorite around here. I don't make it often because it's time consuming but oh my word it's good. My secret ingredient (ok not so secret) is Treet Meat. If you want the full recipe let me know. I also made us Cheeseburgers and then for desert I whipped up a batch of Red Velvet Cake Balls. Okay I'm lying, they were time consuming and quite difficult. There was no whipping them up to it.

* After we ate, the Hubby and I just chilled and talked while we half watched the news. That is why second shift is so nice. We have SOME time to talk!!!!

* I picked up Lee from school and her teacher said she had a good day. She said she participated more today than she ever has. That made me smile. She sure was happy to see her mom too but was even more happy that we caught her dad right before he left for work. She gave him BIG BEAR hugs!!!

* I encouraged Lee to take a nap as soon as we got home from school but of course she didn't listen. She insisted on playing. I did some writing while she occupied herself. Of course right before time to go get Bub she ended up falling asleep. Story of my life.

* Axle had a good day at school but boy was he tired! He was so whiny!!! He had Basketball Practice tonight but I didn't force him to go because he didn't want to. He only has one more game anyway so I figured it don't much matter this late in the season.

* I straightened on the house after school while the kids played awhile. They actually fought more than they played but whatever.

* We had a thing to go to up town so I jumped in the shower and got cleaned up. The kids were already ready to go so that was helpful.

* This evening we went to the Tree Lighting Ceremony in our town. Unfortunately they didn't let us watch them light the tree, they already had it lit. The kids didn't mind though, that is just me complaining. Santa Clause was there and he was the highlight of Axle's evening. Lee on the other hand wanted absolutely nothing to do with him. Axle sat on his lap and told him he wanted all the Avengers for Christmas. Both kids received a goody bag and a huge ball. Their friend Sophia was there too so they enjoyed that.

They had a good time!

My boy and Santa


Santa came on a Firetruck

Friends :) 

* Sis and Cody didn't join us tonight. While we were doing the whole Santa thing, Sis was getting her nails done. I mean who can go to New York without new nails, right?

* I made a quick stop by the Dollar Store on our way home tonight. I got things to start the kids project boxes tomorrow! I can't wait to share with you. I'm so excited about this.

* Cody and Anika brought pizza home for the little's tonight. They are pretty sweet like that!!!

* While Ax and I did homework tonight, Anika straightened the rest of the house up for me. 

* Axle has all kinds of craziness going on at his school this month. They are taking a field trip, having a Grinch Day, having a Polar Express Day, having a Christmas Party and having a Christmas Play. Geeze, I'm going to be one tired lady.

* Axle also got his Progress report from school today and oh my was I happy. He's doing so well 

* My kindness project starts tomorrow so be looking for info coming up on that

* Before I go here is what our naughty Elf Chris has been into

This morning he was hanging from the rod in our shower

Sunday night he made a Shoe Shoe Train!!!

* Friends- I'm going to call it a night. I'll be back tomorrow with another update. Hope you all are having a fabulous week!!!


November Updates and December Goals

Well November is coming to a close and I'm finding it hard to believe Christmas is almost here. It is though so I better get prepared! Since it's the end of the month I thought I'd check in and give you my November Updates and Post my December Lists!


* Continue being active with the kids!
I'd say I did okay on this one. We had a trip to Cincinnati this month where we did a little swimming and we ate at an awesome 360 degree restaurant. We attended Basketball Games (several of them), We went shopping and out to eat, We helped little Willow celebrate her birthday, We attended the Born Learning Academy and we visited the Trees and Trains Festival. Tonight we are planning to attend a community Tree Lighting Ceremony and see Santa. We didn't do as much as we did in October but that is because basketball tied up a lot of our time! All in all though I'll call this one a SUCCESS!

* Pray More
I wish I could call this one a total success but it wasn't. Frankly, I did find myself praying more but not nearly as much as I should've.

* Eat Out Less- Try New Recipes
Eating out less was a total FAIL!!! I'm not sure it will ever happen for us. I might revisit this again next year and give it another go but definitely not during the holiday season. It seems I'm often just too busy to cook. I did however try a few new recipes this month including Crockpot Ranch Potatoes, Crockpot Creamy Chicken and Potatoes, My Mom's Carrot Cake Recipe, Cake Pops and Pumpkin Dip. I guess I'll give myself a 1/2 point on this one!

* Scrapbook All October Events
Well again this is maybe a 1/2 success- I did get all the photos downloaded to a zip drive and sent off for printing. The reason they aren't scrapbooked is because Rite Aid didn't get my photos back like they were supposed to. It will be next week before I can get them. Oh well, it's progress I guess!

* Help Axle get his 1st Reading Book
This wasn't a total success either BUT we are getting so close. He is doing so well


* Introduce the Elf- He's back and the kids are having such fun with him!!!

* Celebrate Thanksgiving- DONE!!! We had a wonderful dinner with my mom's side of the family. There was tons of food and great socializing. Definitely a very blessed day!

* Date Night- This was actually done although we had to improvise some. We didn't actually get to go out so we put the kids down early, watched a movie (actually 2) and cuddled. It was a very nice evening in with the hubby.

* Mom/Daughter Date with Anika- This one isn't done but will be this weekend. Her and I are headed to NYC this weekend for a girls weekend :)

* See the Ships at Ashland Port- I drove ALL the way there (almost an hour) only to find that they had just left. I was totally bummed. I'm still calling it a success because I attempted!

* Give out Thankful Cards- This was one I really wanted to do and just didn't get around to it :(

* Make Cake Pops- Yes although by the skin of my teeth. I made them last night. I haven't tried them yet but hubby LOVED them.

* Make Mom's Carrot Cake- Done- although it wasn't perfect, it was close! I'll be attempting it again soon.

* Buy a Book and Read- Total Fail all the way around

* Take the kids to the Movies- Again another total fail :(

Here's to hoping I do better in December!!!!

Now for December's List


1. Do lots and lots of Christmas Stuff- It does only come around once a year
2. Scrapbook all of October and November- Yes I got catching up to do
3. Help Axle get his first reading book- I'm hoping to get this knocked off before Christmas Break
4. Date Night- I'm thinking New Years Eve hopefully
5. Work on Kindness Project- Details to come soon!!!


1. Go see Christmas Lights
2. Celebrate Christmas and New Years
3. Cook Christmas Dinner at Home
4. Buy the kids Personalized Ornaments for the tree
5. Do December Boxes with the kids
6. Make a Simmer Pot
7. Make a few Handmade Gifts
8. Do something special for my Husband for Christmas
9. Attend Church
10. Decorate Outdoors

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Trees and Trains

It's been a nice Saturday here at the Newsome Place! Our morning consisted of waking around 10:30 this morning (which is always nice) and then going to town for coffee and breakfast.

Hubs and I decided to venture out today with the kids. We all went to the Trees and Train Festival about an hour away. We got pretty much every year! The kids always enjoy it and so do I. We got to browse dozens of amazing trees, listen to live crooners on stage, check out some amazing trains and eat some yummy popcorn. We also bought some raffle tickets on some really great things. Now hoping we win! Here's some tree photos for you. I hope you enjoy!

After the festival, we drove around the park in hopes they had things going on but unfortunately they didn't. Hubby did spot out a pawn shop he wanted to visit though and it just so happened there was a Goodwill right beside it. That made me very happy. Lee and I shopped while the boys shopped. I found a jacket and a pair of pants plus some leggings for Lee. Hubby got himself a small air compressor. I'll be honest, I LOVE the pants I found. I'm going to go to the designers website and see if I can buy more. I need like 50 pair. In case anyone is interested, the designer is Karen Kane and the pants is a dressy trouser from her Lifestyle line. I'm in love with them!

We ended our evening with dinner at Little Ceasers. As much as I don't care for it, I cooperated. It's pretty much my husband's favorite place to eat.

Tonight was supposed to be Date Night but it just didn't happen. We are hoping to get the kids to bed at a reasonable hour and watch a movie together. Looks like this month will be Date Night at Home! It's okay though, New Years Eve is coming up and I plan on having a nice date night then!!!!

Anika's been gone all day with her Cody. He surprised her this evening with a dozen of roses. Bless her heart, she cried and cried!

He then took her to dinner and they are now watching a movie. She says he's the best. I think this might be the "one". I'm not complaining though, he's a good boy. I couldn't ask for anyone better to her.

Oh and before I forget, look what the Elf got into last night! Yep he hid in our Christmas Tree. The kids are having SO MUCH fun finding him each morning.

Tomorrow is Sunday and the LAST day of our Thanksgiving Break! It's definitely been a nice extended weekend. Tomorrow morning you will find me at Church. Tomorrow day I'm hoping to do some housework, preparing for the week ahead, scrapbooking, cooking and maybe even some decorating. Yes, I have big plans!

I'm hoping you and yours have had a great Saturday!!!