Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Here's a few things I'm saying YES to this Tuesday!!!!

I'm Saying YES to:

* Carpooling with a friend. It makes the drive so much better plus she's pretty cool

* A very informational meeting today at policy committee. We elected officers and approved a new Pick up/Drop off school policy. We were given much information about the program. It was definitely not a boring meeting.

* Winning this cute Door Prize at the meeting- I love candles!!!

* Lunch and Chatting with some ladies. I actually met two new people who sit on the committee as well today over lunch. It's always fun to network.

* The Hubby helping me out today and picking Lee up from school. I didn't get to speak to him but just a minute before he left today but at least I got kisses!

* Interest in the Ladies Group. I'm thinking this might just work. Crossing my fingers

* Updating the Church page. It makes me feel like I'm at least doing something for the Church

* Sis cleaning the house for me. For real, that gal is the best

* Pictures of Lee from school. Her teacher posts periodically and I love seeing them

* Axle loving Basketball- He had to give his jersey size today. That's going to really excite him

* The Born Learning Program. It's a 6 month program and meets once a month at our local school. There was only a few attended but they provided us with a sit down dinner and then took the kids to a group to play while us parent's received information on how to make teaching our kids at home fun and inexpensive! It was a fun evening.

* Cute Cookie Cutters we received from Born Learning today. I need to make cookies soon now

* Trying new recipes- I've got a new recipe in progress as I type this. I'm hoping it turns out good. I'll tell you about it in tomorrow's post!

* My Mommy having a good time on her trip. Really, these girls are having a blast. I wish we could all take a trip together- cousins and all :)

* Anika & Cody being in teenage love. It's really kinda sweet. He's so good to her and as a mom that is all that matters!

* Early bedtime for the kiddos. They were wild tonight!

* Watching the Voice- I love Mr. Shelton

* These cute pics I managed to get of Lee Lee today!

* A less hectic schedule tomorrow although I do have a meeting in the morning and Axle has Basketball Practice tomorrow evening!

* Bedtime- I'm worn out. I'll check in tomorrow friends!



  1. You are one busy lady! Glad your days are full and happy.

  2. That's a good day! I'm a candle fan too. I can never pass them in stores without checking out the scents. I love it when teachers post pictures. It's like being a fly on the wall. Love those Thing t-shirts too. Looks like they are having a blast!