Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Why I'm Saying YES!!!!

Another day has came and is now almost gone my friends. Time just needs to SLOW down! It seems like the days just get shorter and shorter. Life passes all too quickly that is for sure.

Today has been a good day though. Here's a few things I'm saying YES to this Tuesday!

Day 2 of Fall Break- It's been a good day and yet another day I was able to sleep in

3 Teenage girls roaming around my house all day. I think Teenagers are so much fun

Breakfast from the American Grill. Great way to start the day

French Vanilla Cappacinnos made my way :)

Hubby taking the kids trading with him before work. They love it

This is the motorcycle they traded for

They also traded for this huge boat that now sits in my yard
Heaven Help Me!!!

Updating my calander and seeing it full of so many fun events

Helping out a friend who just had a hysterectomy by delivering her chili and a honeybun cake I made her and her family for dinner today

Yummy Honey Bun Cake

This planter- I can't wait to fill it with a beautiful mum

Potato Soup for dinner on this Fall day and made by my Anika to boot!

Lee's cute Halloween dress that was delivered today

A semi clean house

Blog Reading and lots of it thanks to Fall Break

Scheduling a playdate for later this week with my friend Kayla and her 2 kids

Getting a date for Axle's field trip to the zoo in the Spring

Finally finding a Science Experiment for Axle's Science Fair

Painting Pumpkins with my Babies

Deciding to host a Halloween Party for the kids

My Life List even if I don't ever get it all accomplished

Sleeping kids- I love them but it's been a long day!

Tomorrow Anika has a hair appointment and Cody is taking her. I'm not sure what the little one's and I will do yet. Tomorrow evening we have to go to visitation for SJ's Uncle who passed away. Prayers for his family please.

Hope you all have a nice HUMP day!!!!


  1. Love that pumpkin painting! So much better than cutting a jack-o-lantern that the kids can't really be involved in because of the sharp knife. I just adore that little dress you got for Lee. She is going to be so cute on Halloween.

  2. Nice of you to help out your friend. Cute Halloween dress!