Saturday, October 31, 2015

Weekend Thoughts- Picture Heavy!!!

1. This has been a GREAT weekend! One for the books! Actually this whole month has been pretty awesome. I'm totally hoping November is just as amazing.

2. Can you believe it's already almost November? Less than a 1/2 day of October left here in Kentucky. That's crazy to me.

3. I worked on updating my October Personal Goals and Bucketlist and setting my one's for November. I'll be posting those tomorrow.

4. Friday there was lots of fun stuff going on at Axle's School. There was a food drive, a haunted hallway and the Science fair. I must say the school activities this month have been in abundance!

5. We donated 35 bags of mashed potatoes for their food drive! I love giving what I can. It is so good for the soul.

6. Ax got 2nd place in the Science Fair. Oh my word I had one overly excited little boy. He got a ribbon and all. He was so proud.

7. I'm already pondering ideas for the Social Studies Fair that will be coming up soon!

8. Annalee decided even though Trick or Treat was over for us, she would still dress like a princess all day. She asked and so we did!

9. I was never so glad that Friday was payday. For real, we were skimping around here! Guess that is the life of living paycheck to paycheck.

10.  Oh I almost forgot, Axle also got another 100 percent on his Spelling Test Friday. My kids are cute and smart too. Yes I'm bragging!!!!

11. Friday night the Hubby and I had a Date Night. It was rather adventurous in my book and I was worried I wouldn't enjoy it. I was so wrong. We went camping and slept on our boat. We have a cabin under our boat so we crawled in it, lit up the propane heater and slept like babies. We had so much fun.

12. Today has been our recovery day. While we had a great time camping, we were worn out!

13. My kids were so glad to see me when I got home. Ax was so excited to show me his new haircut that mom took him to get. He's got spikes again!

14. My Lee Lee is getting sick I'm afraid. Her nose is running, she's coughing and you can just tell she all around feels bad :(

15. Anika and my Mom went to my cousin's house tonight for some Halloween Celebrating. While I really did want to go, I just had TOO MUCH stuff to do. Guess I can't do everything I want too. I need another one of me! They look like they are having fun though or at least their Facebook pictures do!

16. SJ and Axle tried out the kids new Go-Kart today. Lee didn't want to ride thankfully. I think it's where she's sick but the air wouldn't have been good for her anyway.

17. Lee was perfectly content hanging out with me. She's watched television, colored and even did some pretend cooking!

18. I had to do some real cooking today. I made White Chocolate Popcorn for our Church Festival tomorrow. So simple and so good!

19. Tomorrow is our Fall Festival after Church for the kids. I'm kind of excited about it. I'm such a dork but I love stuff like that.

20. I stopped by the Dollar Store today to get a few things and couldn't help myself but to buy this. I might do an actual Advent Calendar with the kids this year too but I loved this little Countdown Tree. I'm totally in the Christmas Spirit already!!!

21. Tomorrow is going to be a cleaning house day. We have our Ladies Brunch on Monday so I have to get this place in shape. I'm going to do some of my cooking tomorrow night. I can't wait!

22. Speaking of Ladies Brunch, look what I picked up today. No Brunch is complete with a Mimosa Bar, right?

23. This week is going to be another wild one. Monday is Ladies Brunch, Tuesday & Wednesday we will be in Cincinnati Ohio, Thursday Axle has his first basketball game and Friday we are going to the Peanut Premier Party at our Community Center!!!!

24. The kids are off school Monday and Tuesday except for Lee and she is off all next week! 

25. That's all the time I have. I'm going to put the dishes in the dishwasher, straighten up the bathroom and living room, lay out our church clothes, make a store list and do some journaling before bed. Good thing Time Goes back tonight and I gain an hour!!!

Until Tomorrow Friends,
Have a good one :)

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