Saturday, October 24, 2015

Today 10-24-2015

Today 10-24-2015

I Woke: A little before 5:00 this morning with the Hubby. I only rolled over, spoke to him and kissed him bye. He had class this morning after working all night last night. That should be against the law!

I Cleaned: On the house a little when I got up. Sis helped me. She's such a good help to me.

I Helped: My friend Christal set up for an event at the community center. Our community was putting on a benefit for a little boy who has lukemia. I wasn't able to attend the event but I wanted to do something to help so I went & helped set everything up. Definitely wish I could've done more.

I Made: Cookies with the kids today. We used our new Halloween Cookie Cutters and they had so much fun. I mixed some icing and food coloring for them to ice their cookies with. They turned out wonderful because my kids made them but they looked nothing like they were supposed to  :) 

I Hated: That Sis got upset today. Her and her boyfriend went out and he was going to surprise her so he made her not look the whole way on their trip. He took her to the Haunted House and she was so excited. He then chickened out on her and wouldn't go in. Bless her heart she was so disappointed! That boy is so scary.

I Went: Over to my friend Christie's tonight for her son's bonfire party. I didn't get any pictures because I was too busy socializing and chasing after my kids. Christie's son is 17 so Ax and Lee were the only little one's there. Thankfully my hubby went too and helped me occupy them!

I Needed: To figure out what I'm doing for the kids Halloween Parties at school. Those are coming up and quick.

I Loved: My new sweatshirt my momma brought me from Virginia Beach. She made it home a little after one this morning and brought it to me today. She also brought the kids some candy, helicopters and art sets. They love the art sets!!!

I Wished: That I would've had time today to take the kids to a few events happening around here but I just didn't. There's always so much fun stuff to do and not enough time!!!

I Appreciated: The Hubby hooking up the new dishwasher for me today. No more hand washing for this girl!

Well friends it's almost midnight. Tomorrow I have to get up early and fix a Hashbrown Casserole before Church. Tomorrow is Homecoming at our Church and I'm really looking forward to it. Sis is at Mom's tonight spending some time with her and dad. Lee and Ax are asleep and Hubby just laid down. He's so hateful tonight and I know it's lack of sleep. Here's to hoping he wakes up in a much better mood tomorrow!

Until Later,

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  1. A busy day and evening for you! I hope your hubby was able to get some sleep. I'm horrible if I don't sleep. The cookies are cute & at least they had fun. Not sure about the boy arranging the Haunted House deal and then backing out. Strange...

    Hope you have a blessed week!