Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Things I Know Today

Here is a nice list of things I know today :)

* I love my Husband, flaws and all

* Blogging and Blog Reading is one of my favorite things. I just wish I had more time to do it.

* October is almost over and soon it will be November- the months just fly by anymore

* When I need something I can never find it. Drives me crazy

* I have the cutest kids ever

* Kentucky in the Fall is gorgeous

* My son watches the news. I know this because on the way to school he gave me the weather report and said he watched it on the news. Yes I was floored!

* Naps make me happy, very very happy :)

* Long Conversations with my friend Christie make me happy too

* Kids are expensive

* Goodwill is the place when your daughter needs something in a pinch- like a black pencil skirt

* I'm hateful today- I'm getting on my own nerves

* I really wanted to go to the Judgement House with the Church (sigh). There was just not enough time to do it all today

* Getting your punch card filled up and scoring a new toy is quite exciting for a 5 year old

* Lee is a big storyteller. I don't know why but recently she's been telling big ole tales

* Lee decided last minute she didn't want to be a ladybug. She's a lucky girl that my friend Christal had spare costumes- otherwise she would be a ladybug!

* My car is always a wreck. It drives me batty

* Ax was exhausted when he got home from school today. He even wanted to quit basketball so he didn't have to go to practice. Of course that didn't work and he went right on off to practice.

* Playing on the Skins team in basketball is so much more fun that playing on the shirts team. This information was given to me by my 5 year old.

* My family would eat anything- even a mismatch of food that I scraped out of the cupboards and fridge. Glad payday is soon.

* My Hubby doesn't like me today. I can't really blame him

* The laundry never stops here

* Holiday's are so much more fun with kids- They enjoy the little things like filling treat bags!

* I was so glad when everyone around here went to bed. This mom needed alone time

* Tomorrow is a busy day with school parties and trick or treat so I'm going to finish watching television and head to bed.

Night All,

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