Sunday, October 11, 2015

Ten Thoughts

Hey Friends- Not too much to tell today so this post will be short and sweet. It's been a good day and I feel SO beyond blessed! Life is too short to let worry and stress steal our happiness. Something I wish I could always remember. Here's just a few things on my mind this Sunday.

1. Church- This morning we attended Church although we almost didn't make it. I literally almost got out of my car and came back in before we ever left the driveway. For some reason, Lee was less than cooperative this morning and nothing just seemed to be going right. I'm so glad I didn't let the devil win though and continued on. What a spirit filled service it was. From the singing to the preaching to the fellowship, it was just an awesome morning. You could definitely feel God's presence. There has been a lot on my heart lately in regards to the Church I'm attending. Right now the Church is without a pastor, the amount of teens and younger people (my age) is very minimal and we really lack in activities, leadership and so forth. So many times I've thought about looking in other churches but for some reason my heart is drawn to this one. The people in this church is such a blessing, my dad is the deacon, my mom helps take care of the Sunday School, bulletins, etc. I guess maybe that is why I feel like that is where I need to be. I just pray that our Church grows and great things happen there within time. I know it's all in God's timing so I wait.

2. Dirt Bike Riding- That's all my Axle wants to do these days. My Lee Lee just got a new dirt bike too but so far she's not interested in riding! Today Ax and the Hubby rode off an on the whole day long. Hubby even talked to a neighbor today about using his empty bottom across the road and making a track for Axle to ride on. Our neighbors are awesome and they were glad to let us. Tonight they took the tractor down there and a track is made! Axle will be tearing up that bottom as early as tomorrow I figure.

3. Today was my cousin Brittany's birthday. I never really talk about how much my cousins mean to me. We have a very close knit family! I have 3 female cousins and I'd walk through fire for any of them. In honor of Britt's Birthday I put together this cute little gift basket and took it to her. She wasn't home so I left it on her steps! I'm hoping she likes it.

4. Fall Break is officially over folks. Tomorrow it's back to the grind for my kiddos. Axle has a field trip on Tuesday though so that should make the week fun! I sure have enjoyed the week we have had off. I love having my babies home!

5., have you heard of it? It's a site where you can start groups. I actually ventured out and paid to star my own group last week. It's a Mom's group! Around my area there is nothing of the sorts and I have so desperately been looking for one! I'm actually leading the group and was so over the moon excited when I found out I already had three mom's join up. I've got big plans for this group folks. Just pray that it works out the way I have it in my head. I'll share more details later. Right now we are still trying to work out all the details on our very first Meetup. Can I just tell you how ridiculously excited this makes me!

6. Around the house I've not done too much. Light Housekeeping is all I've been managing to make time for but I don't even care! Life is good right now and if all I can manage to do is keep up with the dishes, the laundry and knock a few cobwebs down then so be it! I did get Axle's desk cleaned off today and set up for him. I found this old school desk in my grandpa's garage when we were cleaning out my Granny's stuff. It was so filthy dirty but I just had to have it. After some elbow grease Ax now has a place of his own to do his studies. I'm totally on the lookout for one more though! My Lee Lee needs one now!

7. Hubby and I have finally discussed some Holiday Plans! Nothing is set in stone yet but looks as though our Thanksgiving Trip will be in Louisville KY and Nashville TN. I just MUST see the Opryland Hotel in all it's lit up glory. We are thinking a return trip to Gatlinburg/Piegon Forge TN is going to be our Christmas Trip! We have been so many times but it never gets old. That is all Ax has went on about too, going back to ride go-karts. At least I've got a basic idea of where we are going. Now I just need to work out the details!

8. Tomorrow is Women's Auxillary at Church. I've never attended one but I think I'm going to go tomorrow night.

9. The Fall Party & Bonfire is STILL on for this upcoming Saturday. I might just be crazy for trying to host an event with my already hectic schedule but I couldn't help myself. What better season than Fall to host a party! My friend Christal is coming down tomorrow so we can go over some of the details of the party. I've already got hay on order though! Wait till you see what I'm doing with it. It's going to be so much fun.

10. The babes are all asleep and thankfully since tomorrow is an early morning for them. This mommy has to do some paperwork and then I'm heading that direction myself. Hope everyone has had a GREAT weekend!!!!

Here's to a Great Week Ahead


  1. Thanks for your comment on my post. You are right we do have similar posts. I hope your church finds a pastor soon.

    Your holiday plans sound like a lot of fun. Can't wait to see pictures of your party.

  2. I'm a member of some local meet up groups. I help organise events on one of them. It's been a brilliant way of meeting new people and I've made quite a few new friends through it. I hop it works well for you.

    In all the local groups we pay a very small fee to help with costs. In one it was £10 each - a one time only payment. In another it was give what you can afford (£1 or £2) to help with the annual payments to meetup and we won't be asked again until the owner needs help to meet the costs.

  3. Congratulations on starting your Mom's group, I bet you are going to enjoy that so much! :-)