Thursday, October 29, 2015

Ten Things Thursday

Sharing a few happenings from today. It's been a busy but fun day!

1. Annalee had her school party today- It was lots of fun. Her daddy even got to go and the girl smiled from ear to ear when she saw him. They had pizza, chips and juice. I brought 2 dozen cupcakes and they were a hit. All the kids ate and then got Halloween Ears to take their picture in. Lee had a good time and of course I enjoyed watching her so much.

2. My To Do List was a Mile Long Today- I did manage to accomplish most everything on it though. I've started using a To Do List the past few days. I used to do it religiously and got out of the routine of it. It's amazing how much more productive I am when I actually use it.

3. The Hubby Informed me he is getting a Bonus- It should reflect on his next check and I'm so thankful. I'm hoping it's enough to cover most all of our Christmas shopping. What a blessing that would be!

4. Axle had his School Party today Too- His class is filled with some amazing parent's. They literally had everything under the son to eat and drink. There was cupcakes, cookies, chips, vampire juice, smores and so forth. If you can think of it, it was probably there! They were allowed to wear their costumes but he opted not too. I think he's about costumed out! He had a great time celebrating with his friends though. It was lots of fun!

5. Anika has a field trip tomorrow with her school. It's for her FCCLA Club she's in. She's going to the Ramada for a meeting. She is required to wear black and red so she picked out a black pencil skirt and I had a red blazer she's borrowing. She tried it on tonight and she looked so professional. My baby has grown up on me :(

6. Speaking of Anika growing up, she gave out candy at my Mom's house tonight. This is the first year ever she hasn't went Trick or Treating with us. I'm not sure my husband was okay with it. I think it kind of broke his heart. Her and her boyfriend had a good time treating though and gave candy out to over 70 kids! Cody even bought her a Halloween Present, new pajamas. He's a pretty good boy!

7. Tonight was Trick or Treat Night- Our community celebrated Trick or Treat tonight! The kids had a great time and were wore out when we got home. I'm glad the Hubby was able to take a few days off work so he could go with us tonight. I know the babies loved having him there.

8. Tomorrow is Date Night- Tomorrow the Hubby and I are going on Date Night and I seriously cannot wait. We are headed out for a night on the lake, just the two of us. I hope to sip on a drink or two, enjoy a bonfire and do some fishing. Hopefully it's pure bliss just like I have envisioned in my head!!!!

9. On top of Everything else today, we finished our Science Project- Yes, it has been a CRAZY day. I wasn't kidding you friends. We managed to get it all done though including our Science Fair Project. Axle is pleased with it and that is all that matters to this mom. It may not be winning material but my boy is proud! That is a win in itself.

10. I'm still on Target with my 365 Days of Photos too- Here's Days 22-28

Day 22- Me and Axle Before Historical Day at his School

Day 23- Tessa riding on the cart while we were decorating for the Benefit!

Day 24- A beautiful Fall Tree I saw on my way home

Day 25- My Little Lee while we were having lunch

Day 26- Sporting my Awesome Boots!!!!

Day 27- The sky over the school- it was so pretty I had to snap a pic

Day 28- Lee's plaque she made us at school- I LOVE IT!!!!

That does it for me folks! I won't be posting tomorrow because I'll be dating but never fear, I'll be back on Saturday with the good stuff

You all have a blessed weekend!!!


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