Thursday, October 1, 2015

Ten Things Thursday

Hey Friends, I hope this Thursday finds you all doing wonderfully. Despite the rain today, it's been another great day here in Newsome land! I won't bore you with all the details but here is Ten Things I'll share with you about our day :)

1. The kids all had school today and all went in with no issues. All three of them had fun stuff going on today. Anika worked at one of our local Elementary Schools today doing Community Service. She helped out with their Heritage Day Fun!

Annalee's class has been learning about apples this week! Today they got to paint with apples and she LOVED it! She also brought her an apple home to eat.

Axle's class did a Tye Dye Project today. They dyed shirts that they will be wearing on their Pumpkin Farm Field trip that is coming up soon!

We are so fortunate that our kids have teachers that make learning fun! It really makes them going to school such a more pleasant experience.

2. Today I had a Parent Meeting for the Headstart. It was my first day filling my Secretary duties and it wasn't hard at all. I pretty much just took minutes and I like to write so I enjoyed it. We discussed things such as attendance and so forth but nothing real interesting. We did decide to table what we are going to do with the parent fund money until Spring. I'm thinking we will probably use it for a Spring Picnic. Most everyone liked that idea. Our next meeting isn't until November but I still have a Policy Council and a Policy Committee Meeting this month.

3. I had planned on a nice nap after the Parent Meeting. I came home and got comfortable and then my friend Dana texted. I haven't seen her in forever it seems and she invited me to breakfast. Normally I would have said no but I'm trying to get out more and be my own person so I said yes. We had a good breakfast and spent probably 2 hours just catching up. It was fun and I sure can't wait to do it again.

4. Since it's October and in my opinion officially Fall, I worked on our Fall Bucketlist a little last night. It's nothing fancy just a few fun things I want to try and do this Fall. Do you all have a Fall Bucketlist?

5. Speaking of lists, I decided to set some October Goals for myself. Not many because I don't want to overwhelm myself. I'm trying to learn to do things in moderation and while that sounds like it should be an easy task, it's not. Well not for me anyway. Here's what I hope to do in October!

* I want to do more activities with my kids
* I want to reach out and spend time with my friends more
* I want to decide on our Holiday Plans
* I want to work at marking off some items on my Life List
* I want to feed my soul spiritually

6. I have a friend of mine whose son is battling Lukemia. He is a young boy and after some test results came back yesterday, his prognosis is looking worse. They started him on a very dangerous medication. Please if you can, whisper a prayer for him and his family. I can't imagine what they are having to endure right now.

7. I made a big pot of homemade chili for dinner tonight. It's Anika's favorite and well what better way to bring in October than with chili, right?

8. This Fall Weather really is making me happy! Even though it's been rainy, I"m loving not sweating to death every time I go out the door. I even broke out my blazer today which by the way I LOVE!!!!

9. This evening we spent around the house. I got caught up on some laundry while Anika worked on a big school chemistry project. Ax and Lee spent daddy time outdoors. I don't know what I'll do with those two this winter. They LOVE being outdoors.

10. To finish up this post and with tomorrow being Friday, here is what's coming up for us. Tomorrow Lee and Ax both have school. Lee and I will hopefully get to stay home most of the day. I know we have a few errands but other than that, I think we are good. Ax has an apple tasting party tomorrow at school so we are taking in caramel dip and icecream. I think he's going to enjoy the variety of apple foods he's going to get to try. Tomorrow evening our community center is hosting a Free Movie, Hotel Transylvania. The kids and I are going to do our best to go. Hubby works tomorrow but after work we are heading out on a little weekend trip. Stay tuned for all the details on that! I'm not sure when my next post will be but I'll be posting sometime over the weekend!!!

I'll leave you with these cute pictures my kids brought home today!!!

Annalee's Leaf Tree

Annalee's apple! They are learning the Number 2

Axle's H is for Hearts Page- Cute huh?

Happy October 1st Friends- It's almost Friday!!!!


  1. Good luck with your October goals and hope you have a lovely weekend.

  2. autumn is my favorite time of year, although we too are getting a lot of rain!! that's a very cute blazer!!!!!

  3. Sounds like they have such a fun school! Have a wonderful October!

  4. Enjoy your weekend trip! So glad you are back blogging so I can keep up with your family. Sounds like your kids are really enjoying school this year. Their little pictures are so cute!

  5. Your header is wonderful and I love Joyce Meyer and usually catch her when she comes on in the evenings. Homemade chili sounds delicious especially during these cooler nights. That's a cute blazer, too.

    Those are adorable pictures that your kids made. I'm glad I found your blog today. Have a lovely rest of the weekend... :)

  6. Those sure do look like fun crafts they are doing at school! My son had fun painting with apples in preschool as well!