Friday, October 9, 2015

Random Friday Stuff

Today the Hubby was off work. He has some days he has to use before the first of the year or he will lose them. He's been taking them sporadically here and there!

Just going to throw together a Random Friday post for you! Nothing organized here today ;)

* I didn't sleep well at all last night. Want to know why? Well here is where I slept. We recently bought this bed hoping Axle would sleep in it. It's sitting right beside our bed. He still won't sleep in it and Lee will but only on occasion. I really wish they'd start sleeping on their own. They are rough to sleep with all night!

* I guess the kids woke the Hubby up about 8:00 this morning. He didn't wake me up till 10:00. He was NOT happy. Apparently he stayed up till 4 this morning tinkering in his garage. When he works night shift it's hard for him to wind down and go straight to bed when he gets home!

* We lingered around the house the first part of the morning. Hubby went and got him some coffee and the kids and I just hung out.

* Hubby and the kids went trading around midday today. They traded for Annalee a motorcycle just like Bubby's. I'd show you photos but she won't ride it. I'm hoping eventually she will come around but right now she wants nothing to do with it!

* I ran some errands this morning including picking up a Certified Letter at the post office! Am I the only one that gets nervous about Certified Letters? Turns out it was nothing!

* Hubby and I went to my Granny's today to get the remainder of the items we were bringing home. Granny's house is officially cleaned out. It looks so sad and lonesome, breaks my heart. It had to be done though.

Granny's flowers still look pretty

The garage isn't fairing so well. Sitting empty is hard on the house

* Wouldn't you know right before we got home with the stuff it came a monsoon of a rain storm. Everything was soaked. It was a good blowing rain too which made it that much worse.

* The wind was pretty fierce. Look at my poor canopy. It hit the ground. Thankfully we got it put back up and it looks good as new.

* My kids didn't mind the rain one bit, they played their little hearts out. They were soaking wet!

* I spent the majority of the day working on my house. We got the old table took out and the new table brought it. I'm going to keep the old table though until after the Halloween Party. It will come in handy for it. The new table is MUCH bigger and has a whole leaf we couldn't even put out. It's there though if we need it for a big family dinner. Even though it's bigger, I like it much better.

* I also fixed the shelf Granny had in her kitchen in my living room. I used it to house decorations and such. I made the whole bottom part with just my Granny's things. Sweet memories. I think she would approve.

* I still have to bring in the recliner after we get it all dried out. It got pretty wet. I'm going to do away with the Couch we currently have and use our current love seat and recliner only. It makes for less seating but people can always pull up a kitchen chair if need be. I think it will look better plus I think it will give us more room for our Christmas Tree that is going to be coming out soon. After Christmas when trees go 1/2 price I'm hoping to pick up one and use it for a year round holiday tree!

* I got my Porch decorated a little too. I painted this old shelf and covered it with a black tablecloth. i used it to sit my kids pumpkins they painted on. I also added my pumpkin planter that I filled with a mum to pretty up the table. I like it.

* Hubby has spent his evening in the garage tinkering on the old boat he traded for. I must confess, it's a nice boat. It's fully enclosed and has a sleeping quarters underneath. Hubby and I marked off the 30th of this month for us a date night. I'm thinking we might go to eat and then spend the night on the lake fishing! How fun would that be?

* I made a new Chicken and Stuffing Casserole for dinner. It was so good! Hubby loved it. I also fixed a blender full of salsa so I'll be digging into it and some chips soon!

* It's going on 9:00 so I'm off to take a shower and do another load or two of laundry. I've got to pick up two of Anika's friends from their work around 10;00 tonight. They are spending the night with her!

* Tomorrow we have a little family trip planned if the weather cooperates. It should be lots of fun so look for photos of that :)

Have a blessed weekend friends

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