Thursday, October 8, 2015

Project 365 Days 1-7

So I've jumped on the bandwagon and I'm attempting to do a Project 365. This is merely just a photo a day every single day for a year! Here is my photos for Days 1-7

Day 1

Last Day of Homework before Fall Break

Day 2

Suitcase packed and ready for a weekend trip

Day 3

First Ever Train Ride

Day 4

Take Out cause this Mommy had a Stomach Virus

Day 5

Visiting with Nana ( My Mommy)

Day 6

The kids Painted Pumpkins!!!!

Day 7

The house is smelling like Spiced Apple Crumble


  1. Love all your days! Your mama is so cute! I bet she and I would be really good friends!! Where did you go on that first ever train ride?

  2. I've been riding the train for years. I love to travel that way. Where did you go on your first ever train ride? I love the idea of 365 pictures. It would be great to start on Jan 1 and end Dec 31. Imagine chronicling an entire year that way. Well, actually you are doing an entire year of your life -- from October to October. Are you going to make a book of them to keep?

  3. Good start to you 365. I look forward to seeing the next batch of photos.