Thursday, October 22, 2015


Day 15/365- The Halloween Party Stuff all Piled up and Ready to Go!

Day 16/365- Halloween Party Decor

Day 17/365- Sis off for a date with the boyfriend

Day 18/365- Frost on the car windshield. It was a cold morning!

Day 19/365- My Niece Kelsey at the Born Learning Program with me!

Day 20/365- Sunshine- such a Beautiful Day!

Day 21/365- On my Computer- Where I've spent most my evening!


  1. You are doing well with your challenge. I don't think I could do it. I get tired after 30 days on a photo challenge. Love your pictures. Are you going to make a book of the year at the end?

  2. Hi Angie, sorry I haven't been commenting on your blog posts. I've been having computer problems and yours is one of the blogs which isn't showing in my reader. All sorted now, I hope.

    I've just read back over all the posts I missed - you have been one busy lady! You sound happy though, so that counts for a lot. Glad to hear the little children are doing well at school and hope that you can get Anika's anxiety back under control.

    I like the sound of your year of new things and I may well join in on that just as soon as I retire from my current job - should be in the next month or so. Good luck also with your year of photos; I've done that in the past and it is lovely to look back through them.