Friday, October 16, 2015

Party Prepping

I am absolutely exhausted tonight. Today has been a VERY busy day and most of it has been party prepping! Here's what I accomplished today!

* Got little man to school. Lee is off on Friday's so she spent the day with me. Cody took Anika to school as usual.

* Talked to my mommy. She was getting ready to leave for the beach! Lucky girl. Her and her sister's are on their sister trip. I hope they have a blast!

* Lee and I got cleaned up and headed out for the day. We had to go to town to the bank and stop and take care of a personal matter!

* We then met up with my friend Christal and went to the next town over. We hit up the Dollar Tree for decor for the party and then Walmart for face paint and hair color!

* I must confess I splurged a LOT at Walmart and Lee got 2 new outfits & a pair of boots. Ax got 2 new shirts, Anika got a new shirt and I got a pair of leggings and a shirt. I might also FINALLY broke down and bought myself a scrapbook. I can't wait to start it next week.

* After shopping we were hungry so we got us some food at Fazzoli's. The guy that waited on us was so awesome and paid our bill. How sweet was that! Definitely made me smile!

* We got back to town and I dropped my friend off at her car. Lee and I went on to the grocery store and got food and drinks for the party. We also stopped by our local thrift store on the way home in search of pillowcases. I found just what I needed. I also found some more goodies including the cutest Santa that is going in storage till next month!

* The hardest part of the day was packing everything in the house and putting it away. It had to be done though. No sooner than I got done, it was time to pick up Axle from School.

* Axle had a good day and got 100% on his Spelling Test today. I swear I would have NEVER dreamed it. I was so proud of him!!!

* Lee had an appointment so we went straight from the school to the hair place. My little gal got herself a big girl haircut. Melt my heart, she looks beautiful.

* From there we went to my Dad's and picked up a chainsaw so the Hubby could start cutting wood for the bonfire. While I was there my friend Christal called to see if I could take her son to basketball practice and keep her little girl. She needed to sell t-shirts at the football game and didn't want to take the kids because it was too cold. Of course, I said yes.

* We went and picked up her kids and then came home just long enough for Axle to change into his basketball clothes. Then we were off to practice. I dropped the boys off and the girls and I came home.

* Sis went to Cody's so they could go to the Football game tonight!

* Hubby came home and went to cut wood. The girls played and I made Macaroni Salad. It was my first attempt and I think it turned out okay. I will say though, it was time consuming cutting all those veggies up!

* I got the kitchen cleaned back up, called and ordered a pizza for the kids and then went back to the school to pick the boys up. Ax loved practice as usual. He's on the C Team this year and has practice again on Monday.

* We came home and the kids played. Sis and Cody got home a little early because Sis said it was way too cold at the game. They hung out with us for awhile and then went and met a lady for me to pick up some clothes I bought off of her for Lee Lee

* Christal came by and got the kids. I cleaned up the house which was a disaster area and then started this post. Ax is asleep on the couch, Lee is in her bed and Sis is in her bed. Hubby is watching television and waiting on me to finish up so we can go to bed.

Tomorrow is party day so it should be another busy one!

Before I go though I want to share photos 8-14 of my 365 Project!

Day 8/365- Milkshakes to end a Fun Day

Day 9/365- My Granny's House which is now Completely Empty ;(

Day 10/365- Me and the Hubby at the Bob Evans Farm Festival

Day 11/356- Motrin to battle an all day Headache!

Day 12/365- View of the White Oak Pumpkin Patch

Day 13/365- Fliers I made for the Kids Fall Party

Day 14/365- Spence Cemetery where my Granny is Buried!

That's a Friday Wrap for me folks! Y'all have a GREAT weekend :) 

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  1. another busy day with your beautiful family. i used to scrapbook almost every picture i took, now i just print my blog. it's much easier but not as creative, i think you will love scrapbooking!!!