Monday, October 19, 2015

Out of my Mind and Onto a Blog Post

Gosh, I'd love to find time to blog read these days but it seems it just isn't happening! My life is crazy hectic right now but I'm not complaining. I love every second of it. I'm just going to post some random Monday ramblings for you tonight. There are days I just need to get my thoughts wrote down and out of my head.

* This morning I posted on my Facebook "Why can't I learn to be a morning person?" I totally meant it. It's one feat I just can't conquer.

* Anika had to go to the doctor today over her anxiety issues. The doctor is doing some blood work and we will go from there.

* Both my little one's really enjoy school anymore. Axle LOVES it and Lee seems to be warming up to it so much more. Today Lee brought home a little gourd. She was so proud of it. Axle also brought home his 1st spelling test certificate. He got a certificate because he scored a 100%

* Axle's class is doing another fundraiser. This time we are selling poinsetts which I think is a great idea. I've already sold 3 today. I'm so glad they choose fundraisers that are easy to sell :)

* It was so cold this morning, like 32 degrees cold. Winter is definitely near. We are in for a warm up for this weekend and weekend though. They are calling it "Indian Summer". I'll take it!

* I'm really starting to feel a part of the Church I attend. I think it's because I'm putting myself out there more. I made a facebook page for the Church today and it's already been quite successful in reaching people who don't attend there.

* Sis sorted socks for me today. I know that sounds like an easy feat but if you all knew how many unmatched socks we had, you'd totally understand why it's a big deal!

* I made Chili today and accidentally got a "HOT" seasoning packet. Oh my word it was definitely warm. It was good though. Since Momma isn't home to take care of Daddy, I took him a bowl after he got off work.

* Speaking of Mom, she's having a blast!!!!

* I love that Axle's teacher posts pictures of the kids throughout the day. Today they counted pumpkin seeds. He looks like he enjoyed it.

* I've struggled recently with feeling like I should be part of a group of some sort. I told you I started a group on and unfortunately it's not been successful. I've only had one or two people seem somewhat interested and even they haven't been real active in discussions or anything. I decided today that maybe I need to focus my need to work with kids more on a substitute level (which I've applied for), become more active in the Church Youth Group and my own kids! Still, I have this lingering need for a group. I want to do community service, I want to bond and make relationships. I decided to throw it out on Facebook today so I made a group called "Women of Purpose". I invited everyone I knew that might be interested and then told them to invite their friends. I explained what I wanted the group to be and I was seriously overwhelmed with all the positive feedback. I'm excited, I think this could work. I'm just going to pray about it.

* Both my girls were worn out today. I was doing some housework, looked and this is what I found!

* I'm really needing to do some major cleaning in my kitchen. Frankly I've just been too lazy lately. I got to step up my game and just do it though!

* I'm totally addicted to cappacino's these days. French Vanilla at that!

* Ax had ball practice today and loved it again! I think he's going to stick with it. He also informed me today that he wants to be on the wrestling team. He's going to keep me busy!

* I wanted to start scrapbooking today but it didn't happen. Maybe sometime this week I'll get around to it.

* Tomorrow I have a meeting in the next town over and we have a Born Learning program to attend at school tomorrow evening. Ax has basketball practice tomorrow evening too. Another busy day!

* Before I go, here is my Days 8-14 of doing something new for 365 days!!!! It's sometimes hard to work in something new everyday but so far I'm managing to do it.

Day 8/365-  I went to my very first Pumpkin Patch. I don't think it will be my last.

Day 9/365-  I applied for a substitute position with our Headstart/Preschool Program

Day 10/365- I visited my Granny's Grave for the first time since she passed away

Day 11/365- I made Macaroni Salad for the first time. I impressed myself, so good :)

Day 12/365- I got my face painted ALL green at the Halloween Party. I was a very good sport!

Day 13/365- I bought a Milky Way Dark- I hadn't had one in years. I remember why I love them!

Day 14/365- I bought a loaf of Zucchini Bread off my neighbor. She did a great job. I've never ate anyone's besides my mom's but it was just as good. Sorry mom!!!

There you have it Monday Randomness! It's been a good day so let's hope the rest of the week is too!


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  1. I've never been a morning person either - but I'm not much of a night person anymore either!