Thursday, October 15, 2015

October 15, 2015

For Today: Thursday October 15, 2015

Outside my Window- It's dark and chilly. The temps are supposed to drop big time this weekend! Looks like it's going to be a cold Saturday night for our Halloween Party!

I am Thinking- About my Grandma so much today. Tomorrow would be her birthday. This is the first Birthday we have spent without her and it's horrible. I miss her to the moon and back. Today we went to the cemetery and decorated in honor of her birthday. It looked pretty.

Dad cleaned up all the leaves

The kids helped clean the stone

Looking beautiful for Granny's Birthday

I am Thankful- Axle is really coming around socially. He's made me so proud this year. He went to Basketball Tryouts last night and again today. He's for sure he wants to play. I am seriously just so proud of him. He's turning into a little man on me.

I am Wearing- A Wine Colored Shirt and Jeans. I had a leopard cardigan over it earlier but took it off when I came indoors.

I am Creating- Lists on top of lists for this upcoming party. Tomorrow is my shopping day to get all the supplies and I don't want to forget anything. Also, tomorrow is a busy day for me so I've got my To Do List made out too. I don't understand how people function without lists.

I am Going- To be on the road pretty much all day tomorrow. That seems to be the story of my life these days. You will not hear me complain though, I love being busy!

I am Wondering- What Historical Figure Axle could be? He has Historical Day coming up at his school and he's supposed to dress like a Historical Figure. I'll be googling till no end on this one!

I am Reading- Recipe on top of recipe trying to find the perfect Macaroni Salad. A friend of mine makes a divine Macaroni Salad and I'm hoping to recreate it somewhat this weekend.

I am Hoping- My mom and her sisters have a wonderful Beach Trip. They are leaving early tomorrow morning for Virginia Beach. They take a Sisters Trip every year now since my Grandparent's passed away. This will make the 4th year for them.

I am Learning- To keep my mouth shut more often. Not everyone needs to know my opinions. It's a work in progress but I'm doing pretty good.

In the Kitchen: There isn't much action going on this week. The rest of the month though there will be. Lots of events coming up I'll be cooking for!

One of my Favorite Things: The school work my kids bring home. Axle brought this T is for Tissue Paper project home today. Isn't it cute?

Plans for the rest of the Week: The week is almost over. Tomorrow I'll do party supply shopping, pay bills, run errands, etc. Tomorrow evening Axle has Basketball Practice and Anika is going to a Football Game. Saturday we will be prepping, cooking and partying! Sunday is our Church day and then we may or may not attend a local event at our Community Center.

Photos I want to Share: My babies love their Nana

It's almost the weekend friends and that makes me a happy girl. Hope you all have a blessed Friday!


  1. Tomorrow is my mom's birthday. I've been thinking about her all day today too and missing her. Funny, I have never been to her gravesite. It would hurt way too much.

    Your party is coming up fast. I hope you get everything done and have a fantastic time.

    I don't know what I would do without my lists. Many years ago a counselor told me to make lists to get through my day and it works! People kid me all the time about my lists.

  2. You're right that the first anniversary of birthday or death is the hardest. I went through that in June and August this year. I hope that you have a day of rememberance of wonderful things in your relationship.