Monday, October 26, 2015

Monday Confessions

I Confess: That we got to sleep in this morning and it was so nice

I Confess: That I'm loving this 60 degree weather- like alot

I Confess: That my kids done so great at the dentist today. All three had appointments. This was Axle's first cleaning and he did awesome. Lee done a lap exam and she done well too. None of the three have cavities! Go kids :)

I Confess: That my kids have the best pediatric dentist in the whole wide world! Not even kidding!

They get to play video games

They even get to play games with the nurse about sugar bugs!

I Confess: That I need to change banks. I went to a bank in Prestonsburg today and the service was so much better. I only use our bank because it's close!

I Confess: That I enjoyed lunch today with all three kids. It's rare we are all together at the same time these days. Yeah, thanks to the boyfriend lol!

I Confess: That I took Axle to school at 1:30 today even though he got out at 3:00. Seriously though the kid wouldn't agree to miss. It was his day to take snack and he looks forward to that day so much. We got him there in time to give out his snack so he was a happy camper.

I Confess: That I took Anika back to the doctor today to adjust her medicines once again. We were there almost 2 hours. Ugh, I'm not a patient patient!

I Confess: That I intended on laying down with Lee and getting her to sleep but not going to sleep myself. Oops it never happens like that.

I Confess: I'm thankful Cody is so good to the kids. He took Ax to and from Ball Practice today for me. His help is so appreciated!

I Confess: My ladies meeting didn't go as planned. I only had 1 girl show up and she was a teenager. We had great food and conversation though. Her and my daughter's desire for this group is going to keep me plugging away at it. I'm hoping our meeting next Monday will be much more successful!

I Confess: That I came home to a whole garage full of men. Hubby had his buddies over. 

I Confess: That I'm totally excited for tomorrow! Lee has a field trip tomorrow and I love field trips. Tomorrow evening we are having a Pumpkin Carving Party at my Mom's. Such fun stuff :)

I Confess: That it is 10:32 and this gal should go to bed! I'll be back tomorrow guys.

Hope you all are having a great week so far ;) 

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