Monday, October 5, 2015

Just Stuff

I've tried to think of some type of witty way to post about our day today but I'm just not having any luck. Instead I'll just throw together a bunch of random jumbling and hope you can make sense of it.

* Today started Fall break for my kids. They are off school all week. That means we got to sleep in this morning. Definitely made me a happy gal :)

* Hubby had a bunch of things he needed (well wanted) to do before work so he left early today. I think he was out of here by 11:00 am. That meant I didn't get to see him much because with me sleeping in, he was gone shortly after I woke.

* Our morning was pretty dull. In fact it really didn't include much of anything except some light (emphasis on light) housekeeping. The kids however enjoyed their morning playing on You Tube. For real, I think my kids might be You Tube Addicted!!!

* I did muster up the energy this morning to get a shower and get dressed. I probably wouldn't have but I knew I had to run to town so I did it. Anika made fun of my floral shirt and headband. She said I looked like a flower child. This shirt was actually my Grandma's and after she passed I brought it home. Some may think that is weird but it makes me feel close to her. I love it even if I do look like a flower child!

* On the way out of the driveway today I checked the mail. I got a bunch of random junk and a letter from the Hubby's work. Well wouldn't you know the county he works in has passed a new stupid tax mid year. That means his next two checks will be short over 100 bucks for this tax. Apparently even though they passed it mid year we still have to back up to Jan 1, 2015 and pay it. Now isn't that crazy!

* I ran an errand today & ran into an aquaintence. I knew by her face and actions something was wrong. Bless her heart she broke down and cried on me when I asked was she okay. So many people struggle and we never even know it. She had a situation that wasn't life altering but definitely was a stumbling block for her. I offered help although I'm certain she's not going to take it. Regardless, I offered. You know it just made me think again how we should always be kind. We never know what people are facing.

* I went grocery shopping for the week. Can I tell you that grocery shopping is NOT my favorite thing to do. I was happy to get it done and over with though. I've got a pretty tasty menu planned and now I have everything on hand I need. I also found this cereal and it might have made my day. Now I know it's not even Halloween yet but it's never too early to celebrate the joy Christmas brings, right?

* I bought new nail polish yesterday and talked Sis into painting my nails and toes today. I swear I love having a teenage daughter! I like the color but think I'll buy another bottle, something darker. I'm really digging the darker colors for Fall.

* As I was driving home today I noticed just how red my hair is. Yes it's dark brown but in the sun the red undertones really shine through. I think next time I have it done I'll ask her to add some red. I really like the red. Maybe because my mom's a red head!

* Speaking of my Mom we went to her house this evening for dinner. She made yummy meatloaf. Oh my word it was so good. She fixes her's with BBQ Sauce and I love it.

* While we were there we got out and took a walk. My cousin lives right beside her. We stopped by there but no one was home. That didn't stop us from playing though. My kids love Chase's play house!

* We spotted this green snake in one of mom's neighbors yards. I tried to get dad to pick it up so I could photo it but he isn't a snake man apparently. He did run it onto the blacktop for me though!

* My Aunt and her family could really use prayers right now. I don't want to disclose their personal information on the web but if you pray please remember them.

* My Mom's Fall Decorations is so pretty. My Mommy always has the prettiest flowers. Check out these Mum Bushes, so big and full. I just love them.

* Cody and Anika decided last minute to have a bonfire get together so they carried brush from Mom and Dad's house to burn tonight. I swear I thought the two clumsy things was going to fall off the hillside but they made it safe and sound!

* Their bonfire get together was a success and I ended up with two extra teenage girls sleeping in my house tonight. They roasted some marshmallows, played cornhole and so on. I didn't go out and bother them but they seemed to have a good time. That's all that matters!

* I watched The Voice tonight while the little one's played. Oh I just can't get enough of Mr. Shelton!

* Lee passed out on me around 9:30 but Ax made it until around 11:00 pm. Anika and the girls came in a little after midnight. So far everyone seems to be enjoying Fall Break!

As for the rest of my night, I'll probably blog read a little more and then head to bed myself. Tomorrow is a new day and if I can find some paint, we are planning on painting pumpkins. When you live in a little po dunk town like I do, paint can be hard to find.

Hope Tuesday is good to Y'all


  1. Oh that stinks about the tax. It should be illegal to do that to people!

  2. I love your grandma's shirt! I'm glad you brought it home.

    It always seems to me that kids are off more now than when I was in school. Enjoy the break!

  3. your moms decorations look so festive!!!! i totally get the shirt thing. i only have a few small things that belonged to my grandmother and i treasure all of them!!!!

  4. Don't you worry about that shirt. I lived through the 60s and no one wore things like that so you definitely do not look like a flower child. That really stinks about the new tax. Your mom's plants are so pretty. All of my mums died so I had to get new this year. Christmas Crunch? Already? Hope you all have a good Fall Break. P.S. Did you get my email? I wasn't sure about your address.