Friday, October 23, 2015

Fun Friday

It's been a Fun Friday but boy has it been a long day. My feet are aching like no other! This morning Axle had Historical Day at school. He dressed up like Davy Crockett and looked so cute. Lee doesn't go to school on Friday's and Anika wasn't feeling well so they stayed home with the Hubby while I went to school with my Little Guy. I did end up running home around noon to pick the girls up and take them back with me since Hubby had to work tonight. Historical Day was very fun for the kids and very informative. I think all schools should do it.

There was a Cotton Candy Station- they got to see it made and eat it!

They watched beans and bread made over open fire! They all got to taste the cornbread!

They learned how to bandage the old fashion way

They panned for gold!

There was a bee keeping demonstration!

There was a petting zoo but the boys ran around and paid no attention

They did like the chincilla but that was it

They got to watch some Line Dancing

Then there was some butter making and bread eating!

They washed clothes on a washboard and hung them on the line!

They learned about canning food

They even learned about Trapping Animals
This was Axle's FAVORITE part!!

Needless to say by the end of the day we were all exhausted. We ran to town real quick before coming home and cleaned out my car. It SO needed it! Lee and I both took a nap for about 2 hours while Sis and Ax hung around the house. 

When we woke it was time to get up and go at it again. This time we were going to a Halloween Dance and Haunted Hallway! The kids had a blast dancing, socializing, eating and Axle even went down the Haunted Hallway. I ended up working concessions the entire night and now my poor feet are aching. The dance was sponsored by Axle's ball team though and us parent's volunteered. I hadn't worked concessions in a long time. I guess I should get back in the groove of it and quick.

Sis and Cody went to get something to eat tonight and then went to Cody's Grandma's to visit. They haven't gotten home yet but are on their way. We didn't get home till after 9:00 tonight ourselves. Ax is watching cartoons and Lee is about ready to fall over I think. Mom and her Sister's are on their way home too. They had a great last day at the Beach. They are still about 4 hours from home but should arrive late tonight sometime. Here's their last day photos!

I've got a few things to do before bed tonight so I should probably get to it. My poor house needs some major TLC but I'm not sure I'll get to it tomorrow. I'm going to help decorate for a benefit tomorrow day, try to make Halloween Cookies (finally) with my kiddos and Cook for Homecoming at Church. Tomorrow evening I'll be hanging out with my friend and her kids at her son's bonfire party. I was recruited to help "watch" them as they are a bunch of teenagers. Should be interesting.

Hope you all are having a great start to your weekend.

Until Later,

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