Thursday, October 22, 2015

For Today

For Today: October 22, 2015

Outside my Window: Our yard is an absolute mess. I had it on my To Do List to clean it today but it didn't happen. My friend Christie's Husband came and got all the hay we had piled up from the Halloween Party so that made it look a little better. They are going to use it for their son's party this weekend.

I am Thinking: About all the different things I have going on. I need to sit down with a pen and paper so I can make a plan. I've got tons of things to craft and cook for. It's overwhelming my mind. I got to get it out on paper!

I am Thankful: For all the little blessings in my life. I have been blessed way more than I could ever deserve. God is good all the time!

In the Kitchen: There is dirty dishes piled up because the dishwasher is down. Yes I know how to hand wash, no I do not want to! I have cookie dough in the refrigerator that I made tonight. The kids and I will be trying out our new cookie cutters tomorrow. There is clean laundry on the table that needs put away and the floors need mopped.

I am Wearing- Jeans, a Navy Tank with Anchors on it and a Blue Cardigan!

I am Creating: A list of things I'm passionate about

I am Going: To update my journal before bed tonight. I really wanted to start my Scrapbook this week but so far I've not had the time. Hopefully soon.

I am Hoping- I have a good turnout at the Ladies Group Event this coming Monday. Our group name is Women of Purpose. Our first meeting will be to try and work out all the details of what the group is going to be and so forth. I'm really excited about it.

I am Wondering: What is causing Anika's anxiety to be so out of control. She had a major anxiety attack at school today and I had to go pick her up. Prayers for her please!

I am Reading- A few blogs here and there. Reading what I can when I can

I am Looking Forward To: Date Night next Friday- I love Date Night!!!!

I am Learning: To live in the moment, to take chances, to stop and smell the roses and to create my own happiness. 2015 was a rough year for me but I think I'm going into 2016 with the right attitude so hopefully it will be my best year yet!

Around the House- The babies are asleep in my room. Little Lady is asleep on the couch beside me and Anika is in her bed reading with the cats! The night is winding down.

A Favorite Quote for the Day- I posted these in my ladies group today. I just loved the. So true!

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week: Tomorrow (Friday) I have to be at school with Axle all day for Historical Day and then tomorrow night we have a Halloween Dance for the ball team that I have to sell concessions for. Saturday I'm going to do some cooking for a Benefit and then we are going to my friend's son's Birthday Bonfire! Sunday I'm going to Church, it's Homecoming. Somewhere in there I have to fix Homecoming food too!!!

Photos I want to Share: These are mom's beach photos for today. Tomorrow she will be on her way home. I'm happy, I've missed her!!!

In Other News:
* Tomorrow is Axle's Historical Day and I can't wait to see him dressed as Davy Crockett
* I went to Axle's Parent-Teacher Conf. today and he got a great proud!
* There is a fugitive on the loose in our area and they are saying to stay inside. Scary stuff
* I napped for 2 hours today and it was divine

Friends that does it for me- Not a lot to report today. It was a good slow paced morning and hubby and I spent it catching up and talking. The afternoon wasn't even that hectic today. Sometimes in the midst of all the chaos a slow day does my soul good. Back to the crazy tomorrow though so look for a post full of pictures!!!

Happy Almost Weekend

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