Sunday, October 25, 2015

For Today 10-25-15

For Today: Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Clock Reads: 10:42 pm

Outside my Window- The temperatures are returning back to Fall weather. It's chilly tonight and the highs are to be in the 60's tomorrow. Oh how I love this weather!

Looking Around my House- It is super clean and organized. Let's just say the Hubby worked his butt of today around here. I'd love to tell you that he did it to be kind or something but I'd be lying. He spent the biggest part of his day on the warpath. I guess at least the house got cleaned even though I got a huge headache out of the deal :(

My To Do List- Not much before bed. I'm going to finish up this journal post, do some writing in my calendar and then call it a night.

Tonight's Dinner Menu- McDonalds for the kids and Subway for Hubby and I.

Things That made me Happy and Thankful- Homecoming at Church today. It was a super amazing service. The singing was so wonderful and the guest Preacher did a fabulous job. I've been on a spiritual high all day.

I'm Wondering- What the odds are that Sis and I get lucky enough to get a seat on the upcoming New York bus trip. We went on the wait list today. It's a 3 day bus trip to NYC in December. I'd love to take her because it's somewhere she has always wanted to see plus I hear New York at Christmas time is amazing. I'm crossing my fingers for an open seat!

I am Thinking- About what I want to do for the kids school parties. I've pinned a few ideas but not set anything in stone yet. Here's some cute stuff I'm considering.

I am Wearing: Grey Sweats and an Old Tee

I am Creating: Not started yet but plan to put a Housekeeping Schedule in play in my life asap!

I am Going: To Cincinnati next week to take Lee to the Children's Hospital. I need to get our rooms booked soon!

I am Hoping: For a rain free Trick or Treat night

I am Planning: For our first Ladies Group Meeting tomorrow. I seriously hope someone shows up!

I am Hearing: A lot about this years flu vaccination being fatal. Scary stuff.

One of my Favorite Things Lately: Gospel Music, it moves my soul

A Look at our Week Ahead: Tomorrow Anika and Lee have Dentist Appointments, Axle has Basketball Practice and I have our 1st Ladies Meeting! Tuesday Annalee has a Field Trip, Axle has Basketball Practice and we are having a Pumpkin Carving Party at Mom's, Wednesday the Church is going to The Judgement House although I don't think I can attend (I want to), Thursday both little one's have Halloween Parties at school and then we have Trick or Treat that night, Friday is Date Night for Hubby and I, Saturday Hubby is taking Anika to Haunted Houses and Sunday we have Church and a Fall Festival after Church. Yes, we are busy around here :) 

Friends, that does it for me tonight! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend and a great week ahead!


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  1. You have a busy week ahead. I'm surprised you don't trick or treat on Halloween. We always do it on the day itself no matter when that falls.