Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Currently 10-21-2015


* Oversleeping every single morning. It's bad folks. Today the lady in the office referred to my son as her little 9:00 scholar.

* Freezing to death in the mornings and burning up in the evenings. The weather is supposed to get really warm this weekend though, almost 80 degrees.

The kids played outside after school today

* Loving that my kids are happy in school and have no issues with going anymore. Makes this mom's life much easier!

Lee Lee's pretty artwork

Axle and I started his Science Fair Project today

* Disappointed in the Recipe I made last night. I was trying to duplicate something I ate at Women's Auxillary this month. Mine tastes nothing like it. Not that what I made was bad, it's actually kind of good but it's just not the same.

* Confused on how my Husband has so much energy. The man went to bed at 3:00 this morning and was back up and at it by 8:00 not counting the fact that he has to work again all night tonight. I'd probably fall over and die from exhaustion.

* Attending lots of meetings and took on two more committees yesterday that will just add more meetings to my list. I'm really enjoying the information, socialization and lets be honest, the food!

* Trying to sell poinsettas for Axle's school. While I don't love fundraising, I don't hate it either. I'm just glad they are selling items that actually sell. People like flowers, right?

* Shopping at Goodwill and definitely spending too much money. I love Goodwill :)

* Craving time with my Hubby. I haven't seen him but briefly all week. Tomorrow I don't have daytime plans though so hopefully we can hang out before he goes to work.

* Doing loads on top of loads of laundry- ugh it's never ending

* Battling headaches- it seems I have one almost daily. I'm thinking it's allergies and sinus issues

* Relieved that Anika's blood work came back good. They are going to up the dosage on her current medication and see if that helps.

* Quarreling with Lee over everything. She's whiny, she doesn't listen and she constantly is into something she isn't supposed to be. Must be the terrible 3's

* Running back and forth to Basketball Practice everyday. Today was the last day of practice for the week and I'm glad. Ax played hard today, you could tell by the sweat dripping off him when I picked him up.

* Excited that my Husband found us a new dishwasher. Mine is on it's last leg.

* Proud of Axle's report card- his grades weren't perfect but I know he tried his hardest and that is all I ask of my children.

* Spending a small fortune on groceries. Who's with me?

* Please with Axle's historical day costume. It was delivered today and I think it's going to be perfect

* Hopeful that our Ladies Group works out- very hopeful

* Trying to figure out when we can make cookies. My schedule is jam packed. I got these cute cookie cutters at a meeting the other day and I NEED to use them before Halloween is over!

* Cooking much of nothing. Turkey and Gravy (frozen dinner) was what was on the table today

* Laughing at Ax and his big ideas. Today he told me he was glad he was a boy because boys just had to go to work and come home but girls had to do EVERYTHING. That is right my son, that is right!

* Struggling with how to teach Ax his spelling words. It's not been easy

* Praising God that Cody (Anika's Boyfriend) rededicated his life to the Lord tonight!

* Missing my Mom- I wish she would come home already

* Considering putting Annalee in dance class. Just not sure if she is too young or not

* Needing to finish up some laundry, tidy up and shower before bed

That pretty much sums up life around here today! Tomorrow should be a much slower paced day. I've only got a Parent/Teacher Conference on my Agenda! I'm hoping to get some thing done that need done as well as do a few things I want to do!

Hope you all are having a good week. Hang in there, the weekend is almost here!!!


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  1. Every day is a busy day when you have kids!!!