Thursday, October 8, 2015

Counting Down Thursday

Ah friends, it's been a BUSY day! It's 8:30 as I'm typing this and I'm thinking it's going to be a 10:00 bedtime for me. I'm tired!

I'll forewarn you before we start, this post will contain a photo overload. Sorry in advance!

10 Things I Done Today

* I wore plaid....not a heaping large amount of plaid but a shirt with a plaid ruffle around the bottom. I am really liking plaid for the upcoming Fall Season!

* I fixed waffles again- I'm not even kidding friends, Lee and Ax could live off pancakes and waffles. They love them.

* We went on a playdate at 11:00 this morning. We went to our local Community Center. I'd never been on a playdate with these two lovely ladies or their kids but it was so much fun. We will be doing it again!

* We all got milkshakes from Arby's. I got their new seasonal Pumpkin Cheesecake. I'm not a HUGE fan of Pumpkin but wanted to try it. Oh my word, it was very good! I'll be having another before Fall is over, I promise you that.

* I laughed at Annalee so hard I almost cried. She was eating a cow tale and gave it to me to hold. I without thinking about it, ate the rest of it. Gosh you would have thought I killed her. The child cried for a solid 30 minutes wanting her cow tale. I know, horrible mom, it was so funny though.

* I straightened up my house. Well most of it anyway. My bedroom still needs a little work before bed but the rest of it is okay. I need to do some major cleaning but I'm not feeling it. My new motto is "It will be here when I get ready".

* I bought a Newspaper because MY BOY was in it. He got his photo published for their apple tasting party. Go Axle, 1st time in the newspaper!

* I resisted stopping at a Yard Sale. Do you know how hard that is for me?

* I answered a million questions. I'm not kidding friends, my Axle is now curious Axle. He wants to know what everything is, how it works, why it is what it is, what happens if we don't do this or we don't do that. The child probably says 100,000 words a day and 1/2 of them are questions!

* I woke up stiff as a board. I don't know if it's my mattress or what but lately I've been waking almost unable to move. I'm not even in my 40's yet. I should not be having these issues.

9 Thoughts I had Today

* God really knew what he was doing giving me Annalee and Axle. When I got pregnant with Ax I was devastated because Anika was so old. Now Anika is going on 17 and will be out on her own living her own life soon. I don't know what I'd do without babies in my house!

* I know Lee Lee is needing a haircut. Her hair is dry, long and curly. It's hard to fix and she hates wearing it up. She looks homely most of the time. When you brush it, it's only moments later that it looks like it hasn't seen a brush. Still, I can't bring myself to cut it.

* Fall Break is almost over. This makes me sad and happy. Axle is ready to go back to school. I had many plans for this break and we didn't accomplish a lot of them. Still, we have had a great week!

* People tell me all the time I need to take care of me. It's true, I do. Self Love is the most important love in my opinion. However what people don't realize is that staying busy is taking care of me. Depression is a real thing and the best thing I've found for Depression is putting myself out there. Doing things I'd never dreamed of doing, taking chances, having experiences, making friends, etc. It's truly made such a huge impact on my life. If my life looks ridiculously busy that is because it is. Just know I choose for it to be!

* The holiday's are approaching quickly. I've went back and forth with a few ideas of how I'd like to celebrate. I've not set anything in stone yet though.

* October 16th is my Granny's Birthday- Oh my gosh how I miss her. This is our first year of her birthday passing and her not being here.

* Anika is making college plans. I think she's decided to do a Community College the first couple years and stay at home with me. I'm not complaining. This makes me very happy!

* I am so blessed! There is blessings all around us, we just have to open our eyes to see them

* I'm back off my sleep schedule. This week of no school has really threw me off. I can tell it too in my energy and my patience. Hoping next week to get back to a regular schedule!

8 Things I Need to Do

* Contact our local United Way Office. I'm looking for some volunteer opportunities. It's just something my heart is telling me to do. After looking online awhile yesterday, I think United Way is a good contact place for me.

* Start Christmas Shopping. Between holiday gifts and travel plans, I should've started awhile ago

* Start planning this Halloween Party! It's next weekend people and I've not done a thing yet.

* Try Lee's Halloween Costume on her. If it doesn't fit I need to get a new one

* Pick up a Certified Letter from the Post Office. Am I the only one that has a sense of dread when I get a Certified Letter?

* Make room for the kitchen table I'm getting tomorrow. I really need to do that tonight but I don't see it happening.

* Make Axle some Flash Cards. This was on my Fall Break List of things to do and I've yet to do it

* Add dirt to my Mum Planter. I finally bought a mum to go in the planter but it was too small. I need to get out and dig up some dirt to add to it. Actually, I need to do that tomorrow!

7 Things I'm Loving Currently

* The cooler weather- oh my it's been so nice this week

* A full October Calander

* These photos we took today. After playgroup we all got together to take some Fall Photos. While I was hoping to get a Christmas Card Shot, it didn't happen. Lee was cranky and Cody was silly the whole time! Oh well, I love these anyway.

* All the good comfort food I've been cooking and eating. Something about this time of year makes the food taste so much better.

* My bucket list or life list as I call it. It's so long and has so many things on it. I add to it almost daily and I know I'll never complete it but I do love dreaming!

* My Mom- She truly is my rock and my best friend!

* That tomorrow SJ took the day off so he will have a 3 day weekend with us. YES!!!!!

6 Things I'm Thankful For

* Contentment and Peace in my heart

* Building new relationships and Strengthening my Current Relationships

* My Husband and all he does for our family

* All three of my precious children

* Feeling Comfortable in my own skin- at least more comfortable

* Being a Stay at Home Mom- while never before would've I said this, I think I'm finding my place

5 Upcoming Plans

* Tomorrow we will get the last of the articles we want from my Grandma's house. It will be going on the market soon.

* Saturday we hope to attend the Bob Evans Farm Festival

* Tuesday Axle has his first Field Trip with his school

* Next Saturday we will be hosting the kids a Halloween Party

* The following week I have two meetings back to back I have to attend for the Headstart Committees I'm on

4 Wishes for Today

* I wish that Annalee's speech would improve (more on that later)

* I wish that I had a nice hot cup of cocoa right now

* I wish that I could afford a housekeeper

* I wish that my kids would sleep in their own beds

3 Things I ate Today

* A Hamwhich- oh so good
* BBQ Chips
* Classic Arby's Roast Beef

2 Downfalls to the Day

* Poor Hubby came home with a stomach virus last night & he hit a deer on his way home from work

* We didn't get the perfect photo today but we got some really precious ones

1 Last Thought

* I'm going to wait on Anika to get home from the Football Game and then I think I'll turn in. Tonight was Superhero Night and she looked so cute. I hope she has a good time!

Well tomorrow is Friday friends- Officially the start to the Weekend. Hope you all have a great one!


  1. I always enjoy a picture overload, pictures tell a great story!! I love plaid in the fall and anything pumpkin!!

    I believe keeping busy makes you happy, that your family makes you happy. Just remember that one day they will all be grown and gone, so don't loose sight of who you are and what you love. And keep the love alive with your husband, for one day, it will just be you and he. And believe me when I tell you, it's an awesome time!! xo

  2. GREAT pics and I loved them ALL!!!

  3. Great post and I loved all the photos.