Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Just dropping by to do a little Confessing! Hope you all enjoy!

I Confess: That Axle got me up at 8:30 this morning. Way too early for a Fall Break Day!

I Confess: That Hubby tried to be nice and get me a cappacino while up town this morning. He totally made it wrong but I didn't have the heart to tell him.

I Confess: That I still had toys on top the closet that my kids got from LAST Christmas. They have been there almost a year unopened and wouldn't you know today, they spotted them! Ugh, I bet I opened 10 new toys!

I Confess: That I spent the biggest majority of my morning in the kitchen. Like for real, that never happens

I Confess; That I made my first Chicken Noodle Casserole. Sis and SJ loved it but I wasn't too crazy about it.

I Confess; That I was sure glad Cody took Sis to get her hair done today. I totally did not want to sit in a hair salon with the two little's for 3 plus hours! Cody took her to dinner too so I'm sure she would have rather went with him!

I Confess: That my Husband cleans his garage more than I clean my house. He has OCD though so I don't feel bad.

I Confess: That I decided to have the kids a Halloween Party next weekend. Yes it was a spur of the moment decision but why not, right? I got the invites sent out today so next step is food ideas!

I Confess: That I done 4 loads of dishes today. Thank God I have a dishwasher!

I Confess: That I kind of felt guilty Mom was sick with a stomach virus. I mean she did get it from my kids. I tried to make up for it today by cooking dad a Chicken Noodle Casserole too and delivering it to him. At least she didn't have to make dinner, right?

I Confess; I never truly believed Happiness is a Choice and is Created by us. I was so wrong, it truly is.

I Confess: Ax asks a million questions these days. I know he's just learning and I love that but geesh some days he wears me out.

I Confess: I love tarts for my tart warmer. I bought new ones today and they smell so good!

I Confess: I saw the coolest thing one of our area churches is starting. It's almost like a Girl Scout Troop with earning badges and all but yet it's Christ and Faith centered! I so wish Annalee was 5 so she could join!

I Confess: Lee got stung today and I kind of worried. It was her first sting ever and I was praying she wasn't allergic. Good news, she's not!

I Confess; That I actually browsed Amazon today looking for Christmas gifts. I never look this early. 

I Confess: That I'm so hoping to do lots of Travel this year. I love traveling and making memories

I Confess: That I should've went to the funeral home tonight but Ax didn't want to. He doesn't do well with funerals. I did send an Oreo Dessert by Anika though. I hope that counts for something.

I Confess: That I've been a bit short with my kids tonight. I'm not in a bad mood, just feel like I need some quiet and downtime. I decided to bath them and put them to bed a little earlier.

I Confess: That the Church I sometimes attend is suffering. I feel like I should do more to help but I don't feel like I can right now because I haven't rededicated my life. It's really a struggle for me so I'm asking you to pray about it if you will.

I Confess: That tomorrow is going to be a long but fun day. We have a playdate scheduled in the morning, pictures scheduled tomorrow day and then Sis has a Football Game tomorrow evening! Lots of good stuff planned!

That sums up our Thursday Friends! I done less than I should've but some days you just have to take it easy! Hope your week is going smoothly. We are almost to the weekend!



  1. So fun that you've decided to throw a Halloween party!
    That Oreo dessert looks YUMMY!

  2. Your days are so full. Be sure to take some time for yourself. Hope your mom is feeling better. Don't feel bad about not going to the funeral. People understand that you have little kids.